Offline Marketing Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

Without doubt, digital marketing techniques have revolutionised the entire practice of promoting businesses. You can now reach consumers all around the world right from your computer or smartphone, reinforcing your branding and building a loyal customer-base with minimal resources.

However, as effective as digital marketing is, don’t disregard offline techniques. A solid mix of both can really help to elevate your brand’s visibility and ensure wider coverage.

Offer Giveaways to Local Media

In digital marketing, contests are a terrific way to generate interest and encourage shares on social channels – so why not try the same technique with your local media?

Contact radio stations in your area, and offer them free items or services (such as a gadget you manufacturer, a holiday package you sell etc.) for competitions. Not only will they benefit from audience interaction and creating advertising opportunities for themselves, but you’ll have your name mentioned on the air multiple times.

Create Branded Products to Giveaway for Free

Branded products are incredibly common – think of all those pens in your drawer with one company name or another emblazoned across them. Even if you don’t necessarily use the pen on a regular occasion, you’ve still been made aware of the brand itself, and may well bear them in mind next time you need something they offer.

Invest in branded merchandise like pens, mouse mats, bookmarks, phone cases, even T-shirts: the more attractive your logo and company name, the more impressive your branded products will be. Give these away at trade shows to get your business out there on items people will use on a daily basis.

Create Brochures and Flyers with a Difference

When flyers and brochures land on your doormat, how much attention do you pay them?

You likely pick them up, flip through them, and discard any that fail to interest you. However, even if the products or services being advertised in a particular piece of literature don’t appeal to you explicitly, the presentation itself might be powerful enough to hold your interest.

Consider ways in which you can make your promotional materials stand out. Can you produce flyers with pop-up or interactive features? Can you present your brochure in the form of a comic-book or with a distinctive design (such as fold-out pages)?

It will take a little more investment than the norm, but this can mean the difference between being noticed and being ignored. Which, in turn, can bring in leads.

Donate Products or Services to a Good Cause

When businesses contribute to a good cause, everybody wins. If you’re able to give products or services away to a charity, an educational institution, a hospital, or anything else that may be pushed for funds, you can make a real difference.

For example, if you manufacture or sell laptops, just imagine the impact a batch of free models could make to a struggling school or for a charity fundraising event. If you’re in catering, consider donating hampers to food banks or as prizes in raffles.

If you work in travel and tourism, your services could help people in need of aid or respite. If you create pet foods or treats, give kindly to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic.

There’s no end of possibilities. Take a generous approach, and not only will you have the satisfaction of helping others, you’ll also have an opportunity to create publicity: invite the local paper to document your donation process, issue press releases, and see if your regional television-news station is interested.

The good cause itself will also benefit from the marketing, helping them even more.

Follow these offline marketing tips to boost your brand’s visibility, alongside your usual digital promotions, and you should see real benefits!

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