The Benefits of Writing a Blog for Your Small Business


Every business should have a blog. Whether you run a tiny solo-enterprise from your kitchen or a multinational corporation, a bog is an essential tool for engaging with customers and improving your rankings.

As a small-business owner, you may be unsure exactly why you should be taking the time to blog when you have a company to run. Well, to help you get off to a strong start, let’s take a look at the key benefits …

#1. You’ll Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

If you’re already blogging and have years of experience in the online marketplace, this may sound obvious, but as a newcomer, you might not realise just how important fresh content is to your place in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The more you update the content on your site, the more data you’re giving Google (and other search engines) to index. Creating new blogs once or twice a week (or however often you can), integrating subtle-yet-effective keywords and visual content, will help to increase your visibility.

#2. Get Involved in Your Community

Through blogging, you can build stronger relationships with your current and potential customers – especially when you pay attention to your comments section.

End your posts by encouraging readers to share their thoughts and opinions on the piece itself in the comments area below. If you’ve written something engaging and provocative enough, people will happily leave a comment – and, hopefully, readers will strike-up conversations with each other.

Be sure to respond to comments, whether thanking them for their praise or supporting your perspective. Not only will you be showing that you monitor your site’s activity and care about your readers’ opinions, you’ll also build trust for the future.

#3. Share Your Professional Expertise

Your blog is the perfect platform for sharing your own, or your team’s, professional expertise. Perhaps you want to discuss the design and manufacture of your latest smartphone, explore what goes into your most popular line of clothes, or simply give a glimpse into your office’s everyday activities.

Whatever your industry, providing your readers with educational and informative posts is a terrific way to establish your brand as a knowledgable, reliable business. The more trustworthy and professional your company appears, the more inclined readers will be to invest in your products or services.

Publishing regular posts that offer insights and valuable information can lead to improved conversion rates over time, not to mention more shares on social media. Anyone who finds your blog interesting is bound to share it with their circles, helping to put your name in front of more prospects – without any extra work from you.


#4. Show a More Human Side of Your Business

While it’s vital to be professional in your blogging, this is also the perfect opportunity to show the human side of your company.

If your business is low on employees, or none of you have the writing skills to put a coherent, well-composed blog together, you may have to go to a professional copywriter instead. While this has a price tag attached, it’s worth it to give your business a more informal, relatable voice.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean your blog should detail what your team get up to on their days off or how you feel about the latest episode of The X-Factor, it does mean you should be writing to engage, not to impress with your grasp of technical jargon or simply boast about your business’ best aspects.

Add a little humour now and then, write in a relaxed style that’s easy to skim, and don’t worry too much about being taken seriously at all times.

Blogging can make a major impact on your small business, improving your engagement and boosting conversion rates. If you haven’t started yet, there’s no time to waste – setting up a blog is fast, simple, and cost-effective, so what have you got to lose?

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