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The #1 Factor To Achieve ANYTHING In Life: Self-Belief


“Everybody can accomplish anything! Every person who is successful has never started out by being successful!”


Of course, you have some people who are talented and then you have others who are not talented at certain things… But in general, I think everybody can accomplish anything — more or less! Except I cannot be an NBA basketball star because I’m simply not tall enough! And that’s going to be hard for me to learn without starting to stretch my body!


Try, Try, And Try Again!

I was just listening to Ed Mylett’s Podcast — he’s a great motivational speaker in the U.S.; I’m a big fan — and he was having an interview with Dean Graziosi. They were literally talking about their first YouTube video (this was several years ago) where Dean had hired a team of video crew to record a video, because he was going to do a course. And they were there, he was struggling, he couldn’t quite read script correctly, he was trying to make it work — and he just literally failed, big time! It was not possible to get anything going. Of course, he took a break, and the next day he asked the team to come back again and he tried another two or three attempts at that before he actually managed to record it!


The Only Thing Stopping You Is Belief

So the only thing stopping him, really, would have been his belief! If he’d have judged himself based on that first video and said: “Ok, this is not for me; I need to call an expert,” — he would have never ended up where he is today! Yet here he is, being one of the top motivational speakers in the U.S.!


You Have To Start Somewhere

So, I think that story applies to me too. The first wireframes I made in Balsamiq– of course it would have been quicker for me to call an expert who had been making wireframes for ten years; but at the same time, it depends on your choice and what you enjoy doing. So if I hate making in Balsamiq, of course it’s not good for me. So, if a person hates making videos and they don’t enjoy seeing themselves on camera– but I do think that most people can if they really try. And they try again. Then they watch it, and then they ask their friends. And they will get that guidance, right? Because every person who is successful, have never started off by being successful!

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