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The 10 Basic Concepts In A Successful Marriage: Introduction


How does love truly work? Why do people fall in love, and why do people fall out of love? What are people really looking for in a relationship? How can a deteriorating marriage be rekindled into a growing Love Flame?


Here you will find all the answers to these questions, as well as many other crucial elements needed to build the perfect marriage. They aim to give you insight into resolving issues in your marriage, and restoring the passion between you and your partner.


If you genuinely want to fall in love and stay in love (who doesn’t?), all you have to do is wrap your head around these basic concepts, and then actively make an effort to apply them to your marriage and daily life. The number one thing that will ultimately save your marriage is reigniting the feeling of love, passion, and desire. It’s near to impossible for a couple in love to want to split up or get a divorce.


You see, when you’re in love, your emotions serve as an indicator to help you and your partner meet each other’s emotional needs. They trigger certain instincts that you may not have even known existed within you — instincts like being non-sexually affectionate, sexual, recreational, intimately conversational, honest, and admiring. When you are in love, these are the kinds of things that seem to come to you naturally.


But of course, life happens; and your perfect little cocoon of marital bliss can hit a few bumps in the road. Work and kids can often hinder your abilities and opportunities to meet one another’s emotional needs. When this occurs (most unintentionally and unsuspectingly to you), you begin to stop caring for each other like you had in the earlier days of your relationship. The result: You fall out of love.


When you fall out of love, all the things that had once helped your marriage thrive, now feel unnatural to you. Your instincts are not to try and work on things or find a way to fix the situation. Maybe you even start considering divorce. The things that seemed effortless at the beginning of your relationship, now feel like overwhelming chores on your to-do list. The kinds that you avoid at all costs. 


This brings us to the question: How can you and your partner revive the love you once had for one another, when you don’t have the will to do what it takes to recreate that love?


All of the basic concepts will act as your compass, and guide you in taking things back to where they were at the beginning of your relationship, and keeping them that way.

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