15 Important Things You Didn’t Learn in School, But Should Have!

There are a lot of things you do not learn at school, but which are actually really critical for life! 


If you go and analyze all the top, most successful people in the world — in athleticism, business careers, and in entrepreneurship — they’ll tell you that there’s a lot of core knowledge that they needed to have, and they wish they’d learned it earlier. For example, top-level sports and entrepreneurship bring with them many problems, and there are much scarier aspects to deal with; like going bankrupt — really, there are tons of things that can go wrong.


The point is, in school you’re not taught how to acquire knowledge to effectively deal with these kinds of problems and real life situations.


So many people are discovering that what they learned in school didn’t help them find stable jobs or survive adult life! 


Here are 15 of the main things that school didn’t teach us — but I feel should have!






We’re taught that we need to earn an income and work for someone else, but we’re not shown more ways of starting our own business; or creating passive income and multiple income streams!


And to successfully start a business, you need to have some knowledge about what you’re getting into. Whether it’s understanding your customers needs or hiring the right team!


School needs to teach us things about the importance of: 


  • Research and planning;
  • Raising capital and financial planning;
  • Choosing a business structure;
  • Picking and registering a name;
  • Getting licenses and permits;
  • Setting up a location;
  • Getting a team ready;
  • And promoting yourself!






This goes for life and business! These things are inevitable – and they can both be lifelong commitments! – so it’s really crucial that you don’t just “settle”. 


You need to understand how compatibility works, And how to handle countless challenging situations! And in your romantic relationships, You need to know how crucial it is to fulfill all of your partner’s emotional needs!



3. How to SELL!



The art of persuasion is a really important skill that anyone can use, because it’s something we do every single day!


Whether it’s trying to convince our partners, our kids, or ourselves – selling is the number one skill to get you what you want in life! We need to teach our kids the skills needed to turn the best ideas into money!






Good communication is one of the top life skills to learn! Most arguments and misunderstandings start with communication problems!


Communication drives success in the workplace and is super important for companies to work efficiently and be productive.


Communication also serves as a foundation for planning. It helps managers perform their jobs and responsibilities, and if employees feel like they can communicate effectively in a company, they’re likely to be more motivated And committed!


Some key ways to improve your communication are:


  • To be a good listener;
  • Get to the point and don’t use too many words when conveying your message;
  • Practice good body language;
  • Be confident;
  • Be open-minded;
  • And be respectful.






The most important ingredient for belief in yourself (as well as with any other skills you want to learn), can be traced back to self-awareness! 


Being self-aware will give you an insight into your beliefs – whether they are positive, or holding you back. Being mindful and conscious will help you to actually think about the actions you’re taking, and ask yourself: “Are they truly benefiting me and the people around me…?”


You need to really get to know yourself in order to figure out what kind of a person you are. Find out the things you’re good at, and improve on the parts of yourself that need work!



6. LEADERSHIP skills!



This is not only about learning the strategies to rank you to the top and become CEO; leadership skills are the key to workplace success no matter what your role is!


Some must-have leadership skills include:


  • Communication in terms of being able to explain your ideas clearly;
  • Motivation, as you could inspire others and become more valuable to your team; 
  • Delegation, as if you take on too many tasks yourself you will struggle to get shit done;
  • Taking responsibility for your successes and failures;
  • And emotional intelligence – which is the ability to understand and manage our emotions.






Guys, We have 86 400 seconds in a day, and time is really our most precious asset!


School needs to teach our kids how to set goals that are specific, measurable, realistically attainable, and relevant!


Kids in school need more guidance on how to:


  • Prioritise their tasks;
  • Remove the non-essential tasks;
  • Set time limits;
  • Organize for the long-term;
  • And plan ahead!


Overall, good planning and time management will allow you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. In turn, leading to more “down time”! This will lower your stress levels, help you focus, and ultimately lead to more career success! Better yet, it allows you to take advantage of new learning opportunities!


So, you see — every benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life!






Control your mind and you control your life! This is really important for fostering positive thoughts and not over-thinking. Meditation is a great place to start!


By controlling your mind, you essentially control:


  • The thoughts you think;
  • The beliefs you hold;
  • The actions you take;
  • The words you speak;
  • The images in your head;
  • Your emotions;
  • And your attitude!


When you control these things, you can really have or be anything that you want! You can manifest your vision through the Law of Attraction!


If you have control over your mind, you will generally be a happier, healthier, and more peaceful person — having a positive impact on the lives of the people around you!






I can’t believe we don’t teach students more about money in school! I mean, our lives – and society today – revolve around it!


Most people are in debt, spending way more money than they earn! 


I wish I had learned more about: 


  • Budgeting basics;
  • Building credit;
  • Interest rates;
  • And the importance of saving early!


Some other key skills to learn include:


  • Calculating total costs;
  • Making cost comparisons;
  • Creating schedules and budgets for your own accounting;
  • Reading bills and account statements;
  • And forecasting prices and costs for future budgets.



10. How to NEGOTIATE!



Knowing how to negotiate effectively can help us be more objective and fair. It also builds trust, understanding, and empathy. Good negotiation skills also help build relationships, because the whole aim is to come to a mutually-agreed upon solution, despite differences in interests.


In terms of business, you can really save a shit ton of money if you just negotiate! Knowing how to negotiate well can increase the profits of your company, and can help you close more deals!



11. How to FACE FAILURE!



We don’t learn how to embrace the fears and failures in life! We need to learn how to frame it differently in our minds, and understand that failure is positive because we are learning!


And why should we learn from failures? Well, because we gain experience, we gain knowledge, we become tougher, we grow as a person, and we can provide value to others!


Think about how much more we could achieve if failure didn’t have a negative connotation from the beginning!



12. How to INVEST MONEY!



We learn to earn income rather than invest it!


Understanding how to invest money wisely becomes important in reaching certain milestones – such as having the down payment for your first home!


Setting goals for your investments and determining where to invest your money to best achieve each goal is crucial!


By investing money, we have the chance to grow it, as the returns allow our money to build – creating wealth over time.


Places where you can invest include the stock market, investment bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts and physical commodities.



13. How to NETWORK



Networking is crucial in life and business! It can be a great tool to find new job opportunities, as well as new clients.


Some valuable networking skills to develop include:


  • Being a good listener;
  • Asking good questions;
  • And being sincere and authentic.



14. The importance of TRAVEL!



Travel opens up our minds and our hearts to so many new experiences!


It’s really important to meet new people, experience different cultures, and get thrown out of our comfort zone! Travel helps us learn new things — about ourselves, and the world around us! Travel can help us feel gratitude for what we have, as it puts life into perspective.



15. How to create POWERFUL HABITS!



Your daily habits shape your life! So you need to actively do things that will take you to that next level.


Habits grow stronger and stronger over time, and they become more and more automatic. So it’s critical to make sure you have the right ones!


Your habits are closely related to what goals and intentions you have set for yourself. Some helpful tips include starting with something simple and easy at first, and taking the time to understand what (if anything) is holding you back!


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