How These 3 Instagram Features Will Skyrocket Your Growth!


Along with being a visual platform used to form a more personalised connection with your target audience, Instagram is also a multi-faceted application with countless features to assist in generating hardcore conversions for your business!


Instagram originally began as a photo-sharing social media platform, but these days, it is evident how it has very quickly evolved into a bustling social networking and shopping platform. 


At first, Instagram’s demographics showed that their audience was generally younger than Facebook or LinkedIn, but the app rapidly grew and became a tool for companies, brand builders, and entrepreneurs alike; all in the hopes of increasing engagement, conversions, and revenue. 


If your business isn’t already making use of Instagram’s power, here are 3 key things to consider integrating into your company’s social media strategy. 


  1. The Swipe-Up Feature 


When a company, brand, or individual reaches 10 000 Instagram followers, they’re awarded the “swipe-up” option on their stories. This gives the account access to a direct CTA link in their story, with followers quite simply swiping up and arriving on a brand landing page. 


This is something that works pretty well for companies wanting to promote business services and courses. By swiping up on a promo photo or video, the user is moved instantly and directly to the lead capture or possible a signup form. 


For e-commerce businesses, this swipe up feature might even take the consumer directly to the point of purchase. This nifty little feature takes users from interest to action, without having to leave the app! 


  1. Shoppable Posts 


If you’re selling physical products, the “shoppable post” feature on Instagram is absolutely essential for you! You’ll only find this feature on a Business account, so make sure to keep this in mind when setting up your account. This feature provides a simple and easy way to showcase new products. 


So, how does it work? All users have to do is tap the photo and, once again, begin the buyer’s journey without even having to leave the app. Instagram shoppable posts are marked with a pop-up stating: “Tap to View Products”; or they may come in the form of a small white circle with a shopping bag icon, listing the name and price of the product. These kinds of posts eradicate the need to leave the app to purchase the products that you see in the posts. You simply just click on the pop-up and you’re taken straight to the point of purchase. 


  1. Influencer Marketing 


Influencers. We all know the. They literally live and breathe Instagram. Instagram is still one the most effective platforms to engage the target audiences’ of influencers. Their content is often planned and executed down to a complete science, and their perfectly posed photos, along with the aesthetic filters to match their feed, takes a shitload of time and dedication — but it definitely pays off with strong engagement and conversion rates. 


Influencer marketing is emerging as an e-commerce sales driver, as a result of the immense loyalty and engagement influencers have within their various online communities. Companies can also take advantage of Instagram’s huge growth in order to reach their specific target demographic; all through a certain influencer’s follower base. The communities that follow top-notch influencers truly trust the brands that they endorse. This results in conversions and sales for their sponsors!


Instagram is an ever-growing platform with an increasing number of various ways for businesses and brands to utilise specific features in order to to drive business conversions. Along with the points mentioned above, Instagram is a powerful platform for brand building and discoverability, and it shouldn’t be disregarded due to uninformed assumptions surrounding its user demographics!

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