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The 3 Simple Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Swear By in Order To Avoid Burnout

These days, it’s all too easy to mistake being busy for being seen as productive. Modern society is influenced by the appealing image of “the hustle,” and it can often be hard to get away and just have a time out every once in a while. 


In order to avoid burnout and keep your physical and mental health and wellbeing in check, you need the opportunity to centre and restore yourself. This could look like taking mini-breaks throughout the day — or maybe even a day off — to just rejuvenate. The fact is, self-care won’t happen unless you consciously and intentionally make time for it! 


Here are three ways that you, as a busy CEO, can practice self-care in order to avoid burnout.


  1. Create (and Stick To) A Routine


Whether you’re still working from home or going into the office, heavy work days can really take a toll on people both emotionally and physically; so it’s crucial to always slot in your self-care routine. No matter how busy you are, routine helps to keep some sense of normalcy going in your life.


Personally, I believe in the power of having a strong and solid morning routine. This is the time when I get my stretching, meditation, daily learning, and workout done. It allows my mind and body to truly wake up and kick start my day off right. During my workout, I love listening to mentors on my favourite podcasts — it allows me to catch up on the latest and have a true moment all to myself. 


Making time to do these things really assists me in putting my best foot forward, and going into every day feeling pumped and refreshed!


  1. Make Sure To Get Enough Sleep


Guys, sleep is truly one of the most important self-care practices you can add to your routine. As a CEO of more than 15 companies, I can tell you that getting enough sleep is crucial to my decision-making abilities and keeping my businesses thriving! 


This is a conversation you should be having with your valued employees, too — the importance of getting a decent amount of rest. In fact, the more you rest, the more creative potential you have. This, in turn, can also lead to less chance of burnout. 


As a leader, if you encourage self-care as a fundamental part of your company culture, if you encourage brainstorming without criticism, and if you use humour to relieve tension — everyone involved will sleep better and be able to be more innovative at work!


  1. Schedule Time for The Stuff You Love Doing


Getting out of your house or your office is very important to do! You need daily sunlight in order to boost your immune system, and help to keep pushing you forward.


Take some time to get to your favourite areas in your city or town, and spend time outside with your loved ones. Whatever you love doing — schedule a time slot for it. It’ll likely help you relax, zone out, and focus on something other than work. This is sure to get you feeling recharged and avoiding a total burnout!

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