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3 Types of Social Media Marketing You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring!

There’s far more to social media marketing than just likes and shares! In today’s world, the social media landscape is much greater than posting a cute picture or a funny meme — and then miraculously hoping it’ll take off with your audience.


So, if you want to beat the competition and stay as current as possible, here are  3 Types of Social Media Marketing You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring: 



1. Social Influencer Marketing



Influencer marketing involves using fellow experts in your niche industry who already have a decent sized audience with whom they’ve established trust. Regardless of what your field of expertise is, it’s likely that there are other people in your industry who have a more established reputation with their target audience. These are people you can learn from, and it’s super helpful and valuable for your own brand if you can create and foster a relationship with them.


The main benefit for you is that when one of these influencers shares something that you have created with their followers, you reach a really wide audience. But, of course, you cannot expect an established influencer to share your latest blog article unless you already have a relationship with them. You need to get to the point whereby they respect and recognise your own expertise and look forward to seeing what new content you put out.


You can start by finding the relevant influencers in your niche, following them, and engaging with them naturally. Reply or comment on the posts that impress or interest you, and share posts that you feel your own followers would be interested in.


Next, you can start to include them in your own content by sharing their posts, or quoting and tagging them. You might even consider doing a live video interview. Broadcast your very own video, and invite a key influencer to be your guest! 



2. Dark Social Media Traffic



Dark social media traffic is something you cannot fully measure, but it’s something that should definitely be on your radar. This basically refers to all the ways in which other people can share your content without your knowledge. 


Even though it’s impossible for you to really track the outcomes of this, you should make it as easy as possible for others to share your work if they want to. For example, you might want to add email buttons at the bottom of all your blog articles; or you could try making sure that your social sharing buttons include an “Other” link that directs people to your email, WhatsApp, or whatever other options people may want to take advantage of.


In your email newsletters, include social sharing icons and an invitation to share the newsletter via email along with a question that asks: “Did somebody email you this newsletter? Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on any others!” Furthermore, ensure that all your posts have a strong CTA to either check out another post, follow a link to a landing page, or sign up to your monthly newsletter. 



3. Targeted Paid Social Media Ads & Messages



Last but not least, you should seriously consider incorporating some form of paid social media into your marketing strategy. Pretty much all social media platforms now enable you to promote posts — allowing them to be seen by many more people than just your existing follower base. Make sure that you’re using the platform best suited for your business, though; targeting the correct audience and sending that targeted traffic to your very best content.


Think further about who you’re targeting with it. Is there a certain network where these people are more likely to be active? From my own experience, Facebook is actually one of the most inexpensive platforms to advertise on. It also ranks high in terms of targeting abilities, and it has the biggest worldwide user base. But also don’t forget about Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, too!


So guys, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make it happen!


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