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4 Amazing Ways To Motivate Your Employees To Visualise Their Success

Passion, hard work, and discipline fuel the workplace; however, if you don’t have a vision for success, it can be difficult to produce concrete results.


Visualising success is an effective way to create accountability in the workplace. Think the Law of Attraction! Employees who imagine themselves being in control of the results they accomplish will be more successful at work.


Here are some techniques to assist your employees in visualising their success:


  1. Make Use of Imagery


A really powerful way to visual success is through the use of imagery. If you look at many of the world’s most successful athletes out there, you’ll find that they, too, use imagery in an attempt to motivate themselves before games or competitions.


In a similar way, employees can use this same technique in the workplace. When visualising success, get your employees to focus on the process of attaining that success level. Get them to focus on exactly what those final results feel like! 


  1. Amp Up Your Employees


Another great technique for visualising success is through excitement arousal. Simply put, getting amped up and excited about the task at hand, and then using that excitement to fuel your motivation! 


At every opportunity you get, encourage your employees to always look for excitement, purpose, and a sense of meaning in the work they’re doing. Why not organise a short meeting every morning to get your employees pumped up about tasks and projects? This kind of positive energy can really assist your employees in getting excited about their objectives and goals.


  1. Create Visual Corporate Mission Statements


It’s certainly true that corporate mission statements can serve as a solid foundation for the workplace at large, but your employees need to visualise the exact goals that they need to accomplish as individuals.


Creating certain imagery in corporate mission statements can help your employees envision the true values of your company.


When creating a visual corporate mission statement, use descriptive words and imagery. Here’s an example: consider that an organisation would like to render a higher customer satisfaction rate. What you could do is write a mission statement that tells employees they work for a company who cares about “the smiles and the happiness of their customers.”


  1. Create Vision Boards


Actively encourage your employees to create a vision board for their own workspace area. This might be in the form of a bulletin board in their cubicle, or possibly on a wall in the office somewhere. Ensure that your employees create a vision board which represents their dreams and goals within your organisation.


Get them to cut pictures out from magazines and include photographs representing their ideas of success, and other things that inspire them. Including empowering words and quotes is also helpful. The goal of this vision board will be to serve as a day-to-day reminder of what employees want to achieve daily.


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