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4 Life Hacks To Keep Your Emotions in Check and Spike Your Productivity

As much as some people try to leave them out of the equation, emotions play a significant role in life. Just know that even at times when your emotions might seem complex and difficult to navigate; internalising, accepting, and addressing them is the ultimate solution — and is 100X more effective than attempting to pretend they don’t exist!


So, knowing you cannot avoid or simply evade your emotions, below are four strategies you can employ in order to effectively deal with them! Check it out:


  1. Write Things Down on Paper!


For me, writing things down is a number one component in so many life situations! Writing is truly the path to emotional freedom. Whenever you start to find that your emotions are tough to deal with, try writing about that specific situation in an attempt to understand exactly why it’s causing you so much pain. Think about, and describe, your current state of mind; and acknowledge that it’s totally okay for you to be feeling however you are.


It doesn’t have to be a 20 page essay either; simply scribbling down words on paper can be just what you need to take the edge off. It’s a super therapeutic exercise, and it really puts things into perspective for you. Another advantage of writing things down is the ability to go back later and read what you wrote many weeks or months earlier.


This can be a very powerful lesson. Being able to take a look back at your past thoughts, notice patterns, and find solutions based on that information. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can use this as a simple hack to improve your mental health and wellbeing. 


  1. Let Things Go!


Truth be told: the world is full of frustrating situations and scenarios. Your emotions can over boil over, resulting in anger.


Someone gives you a phone call with some bad news. An a**hole cuts you off while driving. How do you react?


Here’s a little secret: the time it takes you to calm down is where the trule magic lies! When you boil it down, taking months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes to move on is your choice! The longer you take to let it go, the more unnecessary suffering you’ll be causing yourself!


You need to be able to master this time-rage gap in order to feel truly empowered and take back control of your life! Whenever one of these unexpected anger-triggering events occurs, check in with yourself and ask: “What if I only take 5 minutes to get over this?” Think about the far-reaching benefits of being able to feel positive again so quickly!


The truth is, it is possible! And the power lies in your hands. Life is too short to stay pissed off for too long; so make a conscious and active decision to diminish the space between your anger and your cool sense of composure.


  1. Worry Less!


If you truly act and live in present moment awareness, you’ll realise that no matter what happens, there is never any real reason to worry! Think about these three points:


  1. If everything is good, then why should you worry?
  2. If something bad happens — and you’re able to fix it — then why should you worry?
  3. If something frustrating comes up — and you’re unable to fix it — then why should you worry?


Reality check. Is that a truth bomb or what? Obviously this is a pretty simplistic way of looking at the world, and of course many challenging issues go way beyond that solution; but the crucial takeaway is this: it all comes down to your mindset!


Each day you are gifted with the chance to choose how you want to feel! Nobody can ever force you to feel a certain way — the decision is 100% yours to make! As human beings, we all have the power to actively control our emotions. Once you know and understand this, you can use this power as often as you wish!


  1. Be More Present!


Too many people spend too much time regretting their past or planning for their future. How often do you truly stand in the now, and just enjoy the present moment? In fact, it’s a major flaw in human behaviour! 


Our time on this earth is limited, so don’t allow life to just pass you by! Start being more present today! Learn to acknowledge and accept the rollercoaster of emotions that will inevitably surface as you navigate through life. Embrace your anger in the moment, and consciously reduce the time it takes to return back to your happy state.

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