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The 5 Best (and Most Affordable) Marketing Strategies for Startup Companies

Most startups operate under really tight budgets, and this usually makes it really difficult for them to set aside a planned marketing budget. With their small budgets, they have to think about employees and rental costs; not to mention buying raw materials, and paying attention to their massive overhead costs. In this kind of scenario, it’s clear to see that ignoring marketing and advertising unfortunately becomes their “norm”.


The problem is that without intense marketing strategies, startups don’t have the ability to grow or stay noticeable in today’s insanely competitive market. If you’re not marketing your products or services, you may not even have any revenue with which to budget pretty soon! Marketing and advertising is really a non-negotiable investment for the success of your startup. It’s not just a “nice to have.” It is for this reason that as a startup entrepreneur, it’s critical for you to create effective marketing strategies that give you 100% ROI – and more – for every cent you put into them!


As you’ll soon find out, you really don’t need to break the bank in order to market effectively. Below are 5 low-budget marketing strategies that will bring unparalleled visibility and consistency to your company! 


  1. Social Media 


In today’s world, social media marketing is huge. Just think about it: there are literally billions of people from all over the world using smartphones on a daily basis. If you can create top-notch social media content, there’s a massive chance that it’ll go viral and shine a light on your business! If you really want to become popular and attract the right kind of clients, your goal should be for your startup company to come out as a trustworthy and reputable brand online. 


Start by creating a Facebook page and use it as a platform to interact with prospective clients. Other channels that’ll help you reach your target audience include Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter. Once your revenue stash expands, you can then go on to pay for more premium social media services like Facebook Business and Facebook Ads. 


Investing in a highly knowledgeable social media manager can also help you grow your social media profile as they’ll know how to post just the right, relevant, and most engaging content. Check out freelance sites like Fiverr or UpWork to find people with affordable rates to take care of this kind of stuff for you.


But remember, you can’t just post amazing content and expect that to do the trick. You actively need to follow this up with providing outstanding services for your customers, and making real efforts to answer their questions and concerns online.


  1. Content 


Content marketing doesn’t call for too much investment; and when done right, it renders returns that are second to none. This type of marketing is multi-faceted and has numerous approaches, so don’t restrict yourself to just one approach. To kick things off, you should set up a website. This is your space to share with the world everything you want them to know about your business. Consider adding a blog section – like this one! – where you upload new content as frequently as possible — both to educate and entertain your audience.


Another tip involves presenting your content in easy and accessible pieces; such as videos, infographics, pictures, and podcasts. Another approach would be to guest blog for high-traffic websites and then add outbound links to your website. 


  1. Apps


As mentioned earlier, practically everyone today uses a smartphone. This alone tells you how much potential lies within ecommerce apps. This is how I started my own businesses after all! Apps are generally inexpensive to create, and they can appeal to millions of customers all at the same time! Make sure that your app has the best UI and UX so that customers can easily use it to place orders or access customer support.


  1. Email 


Although it’s definitely one of the more traditional methods, email marketing is certainly not dead. The key to getting on top of email marketing is creating an organic list of customers, rather than buying a non-organic list. Make sure that your outgoing emails get sent only to people who are truly interested in your products and in reading your content!


  1. Guerrilla 


This depends largely on the nature of your company, but even with digital practically taking over the world, there definitely still a ton of guerrilla marketing methods that can work for you. These strategies involve creating some kind of excitement around your products and services offline, in an attempt to win your target market’s attention. You can do this through creating entertaining and informative messages, and then somehow getting them to your prospective clients via word of mouth. When people are consistently talking about the benefits of your product or service, you have a much higher chance for new business opportunities!


With these 5 affordable marketing strategies, you’ll soon see the power that there is in entrepreneurship — regardless of how small your company is at first! The main point is to voice your ideas and share your opinions with people. Be unique; do something different! If one strategy fails, try something different. With persistence, determination, and hard work — your business will get it’s break sooner or later!


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