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5 Strategies To Help Expand The Hiring Options in Your Startup

The majority of new entrepreneurs are keen to expand their businesses as fast as possible. They view growth as the fuel which is necessary for success, and that in order to obtain growth, you need to invest in more resources. Although, if you aren’t cautious, expanding your business too will actually be to your detriment. 


So, how exactly can you scale up your recruitment efforts without hitting long-term problems that might potentially put your business at risk?


Here are some of the main problems with hiring too many people too soon:


  • It’s Costly 


Employees are one of the single biggest expenses for a new business; and if you’re not paying close attention to this, this is a cost that can overwhelm your entire business.



  • Some of Them May Be Bad Fits



Filling roles as quickly as possible can be a problem for your company. It’s likely that you could end up lowering your standards, resulting in employees who don’t exactly fit.



  • Your Company Culture Could Be Lost



Establishing bigger teams (or teams in new locations) can have an impact on your culture if you’re not consciously aware. You may currently have a fundamental team that embodies your values and business vision; but bringing in too many people — or bringing people in too quickly — could put that sacred culture in jeopardy.


Considering the above, luckily there are still some things you can do to ensure you hire more efficiently; so without further ado, here are 5 Strategies To Help Expand The Hiring Options in Your Startup:


  1. Analyze Your Needs 


First and foremost, set aside some time to seriously analyze and inventory your needs. How quickly do you truly need to expand? How many employees do you truly need in order to achieve this? The more specific you are, the more unnecessary expenses you’ll be able to shave away.


  1. Focus On One Thing At A Time


As much as possible, do your best to focus on just one segment at a time. For example, if you’re opening a number of new locations, focus on hiring for one of them before you move on to the next. Start at the top, and then work your way down. 


  1. Broaden The Horizons of Who You’re Willing To Hire 


Expanding the people you’re willing to consider for recruitment can be a huge help, too! A bigger potential talent pool means you’ll be able to consider remote workers across various different backgrounds, with more diverse experiences, and maybe even with lower costs! 


  1. Consider Part-Time Workers or Freelancers


Due to their continuity and dependability, full-time employees can be advantageous in long-term circumstances; but if your company is still in it’s growth stage, you might want to consider swapping out those advantages for more flexibility and lower costs. Consider mixing in some part-time workers with your full-time employees. 


  1. Don’t Rush The Training and Onboarding Process


If you want to ensure that your new hires make the best culture fit for your company, focus more of your time and attention on training and onboarding. Commit to fully investing in each new hire; providing them with all the training, education, and resources necessary. If you’re looking for true workforce sustainability, this is your route there.


If you employ these five strategies, you’ll surely be on your way to steadily expanding your business; bringing on new people without putting too much pressure on your finances, diluting your culture, or settling for average hires. 

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