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5 Tips For Your Content Marketing Strategy | How To Achieve Maximum Impact


Are you an entrepreneur or a marketer? Well, in order to establish a position of authority and thought leadership in your field,you need to be producing industry content. The reason every leading brand is cottoning on to this strategy? Because there’s a direct correlation between the quality and value of your content, and the strength of your brand.


Here are my top five tips to level up on your results and create a lasting impact:


  1. Own Your Content, And Keep Your Ultimate Goal In Sight


Many people confuse distribution platforms for authoring platforms. Don’t be confused by sites like LinkedIn and Medium, who offer an authoring tool and then help in distributing your content. If your goal is to elevate your brand, you have to own your content!


Invest in a domain, and write and publish your articles on your own website. Thereafter you can then use LinkedIn and Facebook in order to distribute your content. Just be careful that you don’t give those platforms ownership over your content, because this defeats the whole purpose.


  1. Volume And Consistency Are Just As Important As Quality


Bottom line: Posting one (even brilliant) article a month will not bring loyal readers to your page. Posting at least one article daily (even if it’s lower in quality, but still good) will always drive more traffic to your page!


Why? Well, things like Google exist. The more frequently you’re writing and posting, the more people will be talking about your content and linking it back to you, and the more Google recognises that your site is one that’s worthy of attention. 


Another reason has to do with human behaviour and psychology. If someone reads a mind-blowing article on your website, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll come back again the very next day. If there’s nothing new up there, you’ve probably already lost them. On the other hand, if they come back the next day and read another amazing article and then come back again the next day and there’s yet another one — you’ll have a grip on their attention (which is a pretty rare commodity in today’s day and age). 


  1. Focus Less On Readers And More On The Reader


If you channel your focus on how to give one reader real value, more readers will inevitably arrive at your door. If you’re focused only on the numbers and endeavour to “inorganically” hack your way up to more readers or followers — all the while ignoring the core principle of giving value — you’ll never quite hit the kind of impact you’re aiming for. 


  1. Choose Your Niche, Then Widen It


This is a tough one for many business owners to accept and put into action. The point is not only to attract your target audience, but also to attract people who are one step away from your audience, and might be relevant for you somewhere down the road.


You can write about all things related to your niche, but avoid focusing on promoting or advertising your specific product or service. This way you’ll be opening your platform to all readers that might be interested in the broader niche, or at least peripheral niches. 


  1. Analytics Are Important, But They’re Not Urgent


If you allow your numbers to consume you, your sense of direction will fly out the window. If you’re checking your analytics every single time you publish something, you’ll just end up optimising your content for traffic purposes, and not for true value. If you remain focused on becoming a genuine resource for your industry — people will appreciate it, the industry will appreciate it, and your analytics will reflect that same appreciation!


Like the majority of things in marketing and business, there are no shortcuts to success! Be in it for the long run, and your results will show.


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