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5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Skyrocket Your Productivity

We generally think of intelligence in terms of knowledge or mental reasoning abilities; but there’s another kind of intelligence that is crucial – if not, even more so! – in the world of business.


Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as EQ) refers to a person’s ability to read, feel, and respond to emotions — both within themselves and other people. 


This obviously seems like a winning quality to have when managing personal relationships, but you’d might be surprised to hear how much EQ affects your productivity levels, too!


So, let’s dive a little deeper and take a look at how it functions in the workplace. Through my personal observations, I’ve come to notice that EQ manifests in three core ways:


(i) Self-awareness and emotion regulation. The introspective dimension of emotional intelligence is all about your ability to recognize, analyze, and respond to your own inner emotions. EQ enables you to consciously recognize however you’re feeling, and gives you some kind of control over that particular emotion.


(ii) Empathy. Empathy allows you to internally feel what others might be feeling. This allows you to relate to other people on a deeper and more conscious level — understanding the motivations behind their actions, and learning more about who they are as individuals.


(iii) Social skills. Emotional intelligence gifts you better social skills. You can use your EQ to regulate your own response, adjust your tone for various different target groups, and figure out exactly what needs to be said in almost any situation.


I’m sure it’s already pretty clear how beneficial these traits are, but below we’ll focus on exactly 5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Skyrocket Your Productivity:


  1. Understanding & Controlling Emotional Responses


When you have the ability to control your personal emotional responses, you become less at risk to mood swings or counterproductive reactions to otherwise frustrating situations. When you allow stress and anger to get the better of you, your mind begins to race — preventing you from thinking and acting in rational ways. Quite frankly, that’s a complete waste of time, and will compromise your productivity levels.


Rather try to pinpoint where those heated emotions come from, get them under control, and move forward in as calm and collected a manner as possible.


  1. Stress Management & Self-Care


There’s no denying that entrepreneurship is stressful! You’re faced with tough decisions on a daily basis; not to mention all the long, hard hours of work. Emotionally intelligent people know their limits, and they can recognize when stress is beginning to get the better of them. 


They’ll intentionally take breaks – whether that looks like a 10 minute-extra long lunch break, or a 5 day vacation – and they prevent themselves from ever becoming entirely burnt out. The results? They get more done in a day, and they’re less likely to reach the point of full exhaustion.


  1. Collaboration with Others


Emotionally intelligent leaders are fantastic when it comes to collaborating with other people. And, let’s face it, collaboration is essential in a fast-paced business environment. These people can easily read the emotions of others, recognizing their strengths, weaknesses, and reactions.


They’re adaptable (since they’re empathetic), and they’re always willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of the team at large.


  1. Accepting & Using Feedback Effectively


Top entrepreneurs gather both internal and external feedback in order to gain better insight into how their companies are performing, and in what ways they can improve. Entrepreneurs with a high EQ are able to accept any feedback – whether it be negative or harsh criticism – and understand it without taking things personally.


They are able to give feedback to their team members in a more productive way; as they can deliver it with greater sensitivity and focus on the needs of each individual.


  1. Forming Valuable Partnerships


Emotional intelligence allows you to create better strategic partnerships, as well as attract the right kinds of customers to your brand (for some, this might mean more social media followers!) With top-notch EQ, you’re able to understand exactly what your partners need or want from you, and are able to communicate more effectively with them over the course of your partnership agreement. These partners can help in improving your company’s overarching productivity levels and efficiency.


I think it’s pretty clear that EQ is an entrepreneurial trait that is definitely worth developing! If you do not identify as a particularly empathetic person, or if you struggle to acknowledge and control your own emotions — don’t be discouraged! Emotional intelligence can be learned and practiced!


Find ways to get more in touch with your feelings, and work on genuinely listening to and understanding other people. This way, you’re able to gradually gain control – and mastery – over your own EQ. 😉

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