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6 Foundational Marketing Concepts You Should Be Following

When it comes to direct marketing, there are just a few simple and straightforward rules to follow. If you commit to them, you’ll reap the long-term rewards that you desire, and you’ll develop a solid and long-lasting foundation for business. 💪


Understand that you have choices, and you can make your marketing budget work harder for you by offering people more than one reason — and more than one route — of responding to you.


Regardless of how many platforms you market on, there are six basic concepts that you need to grapple with if you truly wish to succeed. Check it out:


  1. There’s Always Something To Offer


Sales is everything! Without sales, you have zero market share. Your social media marketing needs to present some kind of an offer, letting your target audience know precisely what to do and why they should be doing it right now. It should be too good to turn down, it should be time effective, and it should offer them some kind of transformative value if they take action! 


Simply put, it’s an offer that the “right” customer cannot logically refuse.


  1. Find A Reason To Respond Immediately


The hidden cost and failure in any marketing are those people who are “almost-persuaded”. The people who were tempted to respond, and in fact nearly responded; but they put it aside as a task to do later, or to take a further look into it when they have some more time. 


When customers reach such an edge, you need to jump out of your seat and push them over it! There needs to be an undeniably good reason for them not to delay and think more. Urgency needs to be present.


  1. Give Clear Instructions


For the most part, people usually do a pretty good job at following directions. Most people are conditioned, from birth, to do as they’re told.


Here’s a little secret: Where most marketers go wrong and experience failure and disappointment, is as a result of giving prospects complicated or confusing directions — and in some cases, no directions at all! 


When a customer is confused or uncertain about anything, they’ll generally do nothing; and people very rarely buy anything unless they are first asked to do so. If you simply share content alone, you’ll not reap any real and measurable results from your social media accounts. If you want to make the sale, you need to walk your prospect through the exact steps you want them to take.


  1. Track and Measure Results


To render real profit from your marketing campaigns, you have to vow to have direct and accurate tracking, measurement, and accountability on all your advertising, marketing, or selling investments. 


Forget terms such as “engagement” or “reach. Remember that all money invested must come back to you in the form of more; or should at least be meeting your predetermined KPIs objectives. 


  1. Don’t Forget The Follow-Up


Too many business owners make a very common mistake. Prospects watch the ad, see the banner, find them online, call or visit the place of business, ask some questions, and BAM — that’s it. There’s absolutely no attempt on the part of the business to capture the prospect’s name, address, or email address; and zero offer to immediately send an info package, free report, or coupons. What a waste, guys.


When you invest in ads and marketing, you’re not just paying for the customers you’re getting — you’re paying a price for every call and every walk-in. Every single one. By doing nothing with them, you might as well just be flushing dollars down the toilet.


  1. Results Are All That Matter


Results are all that matter. Full stop. When it comes to advertising and marketing investments in social media, for example — don’t be fooled or convinced by what “experts” tell you or assure you. Opinions mean nothing — only results matter.

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