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6 Tips To Focus on Personal Health & Wellbeing and Help You Grow Your Business

While working long, hard hours can certainly help you create a successful business, they can also take a terrible toll on your health and your future. Working 80+ hour weeks is unsustainable for the large majority of people, and leads to low levels of concentration and high levels of stress. 


From an angle of overall health and wellbeing, entrepreneurs need to be aware of personal health issues in order to effectively guide their businesses through hard times. We’re not saying that working long hours should completely be obliterated, but people who go down that path need to combine that with behaviors which assist their wellbeing. 



1. Exercise: It Boosts Your Productivity & Improves Your Interpersonal Relationships



The world’s most successful entrepreneurs swear by their exercise routines, and this comes as no surprise. Research reveals that physical activity offers multiple benefits, including improved mental and physical health, as well as less stress.


Exercise boosts productivity, and in the long run, reduces days lost due to lack of performance and improved interpersonal relationships. 


Most top entrepreneurs will tell you that you need to get on a daily routine and stick to it. Go to the gym, and encourage your family to get into a routine as well. Exercise not only makes you healthier, but it also makes you happier and more mentally balanced.



2. Get Enough Sleep: It Spikes Your Productivity & Minimizes Errors



Sleep experts recommend that everyone should get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. When people get less sleep than that, problems can arise.


Lack of sleep causes the average person to lose a large number of days of productivity every year, naturally translating into a ton of money lost, too. For high-value workers, like entrepreneurs, it can be an exorbitant amount of money, taking into account the knock-on effects of their decision-making. 


What’s more, is that lack of sleep can lead entrepreneurs to make more errors. Research results show that sleep-deprived people are 20 to 30% more likely to make crucial mistakes. Yikes.



3. Get Social Support: It Can Increase Your Happiness During Hard Times



Never underestimate how much entrepreneurs can improve their health and their businesses by seeking out social support whenever necessary. Most of the world’s top business leaders have a mentor, and people who have good relationships with people both inside and outside their workplace experience lower levels of workplace stress, and higher levels of perceived joy and positivity. 



4. Practice Mindfulness: It Decreases Stress & Enhances Decision-Making Processes



Too many entrepreneurs try to automate their personal lives in order to dedicate all their energy to their work. But taking this approach too far can lead to unwanted consequences, such as a loss of focus, high levels of stress, and poor decision-making. 


A daily mindfulness practice – something practiced by everyone from Steve Jobs to Richard Branson – can help! In fact, studies reveal that a mere two weeks of mindfulness training can dramatically boost one’s focus. Meditative practices also help foster clearer decision-making and overall stress reduction.



5. Eat a Healthy & Nutritious Diet: It Improves Your Mood & Enhances Your Results



The world today really underplays the profound impact that the food you eat has on your health and productivity. The World Health Organization has published work indicating that eating a balanced diet raises productivity levels by about 20% — the equivalent of an extra day every week in the office! 


The kinds of food you eat can also dramatically impact your mood. Studies from the British Journal Of Health Psychology show that eating more than 7 portions of fruit and vegetables each day can significantly improve people’s moods, and prepare them better for the challenges of everyday life. 



6. Play Music: It Can Reduce Stress & Help You Keep Focused



Listening to music while working, or in the office, can have an amazingly relaxing effect on your brain, by reducing stress and tension levels throughout your body. Listening to your favorite music can help anchor you in the present moment, allowing you to actually enjoy what you’re doing — even if it’s tedious or slightly stressful. This assists you in staying focused, motivated, and generally happier throughout the day.


It’s clear to see that paying attention to your personal health is not just an option for entrepreneurs — it’s an essential tool that allows them to improve their operations and make better decisions all around!

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