8 Proven Ways to Build a Winning Team

“Perfect” managers, employees, teams, and partners simply do not exist; but there are some definite keys to top-level management that help bring out the best in each and every person. In order to be a fantastic manager, you need to know when the right time to step in and guide – or discipline – your employees is, and also when it would serve you best to rather take a step back and give them a chance for individual freedom and expression. 


If you want to build a truly winning team, learn where your own balance lies and allow yourself to let go of any expectations surrounding “perfection”. Remember that the process of the journey is what matters most! 😉


Here are my 8 Proven Ways to Great Management and Building a Winning Team:


  1. Meet Your Team Members Where They Are


Every team member comes with unique needs and personality characteristics. What may be one person’s strength could be another’s weakness.


In order to prosper in any leadership role, you need to be versatile enough to meet each person exactly where they are; and then help them grow from there. As manager, you should be emotionally intelligent enough to adapt your communication style in order to resonate with the specific individual you’re dealing with.


Find out the emotional language that each person speaks, and learn how to communicate in ways that will empower them to be their very best. In short, you need to personally get to know each and every team member.


  1. Don’t Micromanage


Is there anything worse than a micromanaging authoritarian hovering over everything you think, say, and do? Ugh. In order for your team to succeed, quit poking at them every five minutes.


For many leaders, letting go and allowing your team to work can be a difficult thing; but the truth is that people work much more effectively when their mental flow is not being constantly disrupted. 


If you’re a manager who is controlling by nature, this will be extra tough for you; but you need to be open and willing to hold back a little on this kind of behaviour. Place full trust in your team members, and allow each person to add their own little style to the mix.


  1. Allow Each Individual to Shine


Your team’s success must be shared, not only focused on you as the manager. In order for your team members to fully succeed, they have to feel as though they are also behind the success of the team. 


Give your team members opportunities to lead in order to level-up their individual capacities. Actively and frequently let them know how important they are — both individually and collectively.


One of the simplest ways to build confidence within your team members is to be empathetic and offer acknowledgement whenever relevant. Root for them, and then recognise and compliment their successes. When you place a high value on each individual team member and openly share their contributions, your bond with them deepens – creating trust; and their motivation skyrockets!


  1. Be A Protective Authority Figure


As a leader you should be protective over your team members. You should want what’s best for them. Treat them as though they are a member of your extended family. Basically, don’t treat them as though they are less important than you.


It’s important to be an authority figure to whom people will turn for genuine guidance and honest approval.


If your team members feel protected, they feel valued. This, in turn, builds a positive and secure workplace environment. In a trusted and protective environment, people will be more willing to take risks, because they know they have a strong support base to fall back on. Whenever failure occurs, they should trust that their leader is solid and will take the time to help them analyse, correct, recalibrate, and send them back on their path again.


  1. Always Be Clear & Straight with Your Team Members


Quit with any guessing games; that’s not what leadership is about. Always be clear with your team, and never play mind games with people. Directly tell them what you need, want and expect in straight and clear language. You should never expect people to read your mind, or to just “know” what priorities they’re supposed to be focused on.


Take a little bit of extra time out to be 100% certain that your team members are on the same page as you before embarking on any project. When people know exactly what is expected, they feel more driven to make it happen. The more clear you are as the leader, the more successful your whole team will end up being.


  1. Let Your Team Be Spontaneous


As a leader, you should want to support and encourage the gut instincts and desires of your individual team members. Of course it’s your job to keep them on track, but they should also be given the freedom to act on the spontaneity of their natural instincts.


When you encourage this kind of individual spontaneity and responsiveness, you’re awarded a bird’s-eye-view as to where your team’s strengths and weaknesses lie in the heat of any given moment. This knowledge will help you see how to more effectively guide each person. 


  1. Appreciate Everyone on Your Team


Don’t take your team members for granted — not their efforts, not their motivation, and not their success. Appreciate them for who they are and everything that they bring to the table. In the world of business, appreciation goes a very long way.


As a leader, you don’t only want your team members to be successful; but you should want them to be authentically happy.


When creating a winning team, love and passion are key ingredients. Love what you do, love your team does, and you facilitate an environment where each person has the opportunity to thrive.


  1. Assist in Reducing Confusion


Many managers react before they actually have all the information required in order to make informed decisions or assumptions.


In order to be great, you need to listen and observe more than you talk! Asking questions is always better than making rash accusations.


Practice your patience. Nobody can reach high levels of success under emotionally unstable managers. 


A truly winning team can only be created under a leader who has the ability to be flexible with their own personalities, as well as around the needs of all team members. When you manage each team member as an individual, you maximise their strengths and learn how to best navigate through their weak spots.


Remember: supported teams are successful teams! 💪

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