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8 Reasons Why Having A Strong Personal Brand Sets You Up For Success

Do you have a powerful and visible personal brand? If not, you’re putting yourself at a major disadvantage in your business and personal life! If you’re looking to effectively scale your business, take your career to the next level, get noticed, or make high-quality contacts — personal branding is an absolute requirement in today’s world!


So, what is it exactly? Personal branding involves people marketing themselves and their careers as brands themselves, In other words, they engage in an ongoing process of establishing and upholding a certain image or impression of themselves in the minds of other people. Everybody in this entire world has their own unique personal brand — whether they’re aware of it or not. 


The thing that each individual should be striving for is a powerful, attractive and extremely visible personal brand. This requires having a strong online and in-person authentic display of the engaging aspects of your professional and personal activities and interests.


So, here are 8 Reasons Why Having A Strong Personal Brand Sets You Up For Success:


  1. You Have More Online Networking Power


When you have an enticing personal brand, people find you interesting and attractive, so they’re generally more willing to connect with you. I get tons of new LinkedIn and Instagram connections daily! Thousands of people are looking at my social media profiles, following me, and wanting to get to know more about me! What’s more, is that the more people see you online, the more they grow to trust you.


  1. You Have More In-Person Networking Power


When you’re at a networking event and you engage with other people, you’ll have so many amazing aspects of your brand to share with them! Having an established personal brand will render you far more interesting than the average Joe who walks up to people and says, “Hi, my name is XYZ, and I sell home insurance.” Meh.


When you have many different facets to your brand, people will be more compelled to connect and do business with you. You’ll be able to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency, and you’ll already have the online proof to back you up! 


  1. Opportunity Finds You


When you have an attractive personal brand, customers, clients, and any companies looking to hire will find you and actively reach out to you. What’s cool, is that most of the time these will be positions that you didn’t even know were available. Think unexpected media appearances, writing opportunities, and public speaking gigs just as a result of people noticing me and then reaching out.


  1. You Develop More Confidence


What sets you apart from the rest? If you’re serious about developing your personal brand, you have to be committed to finding your true and authentic voice. This process will actually develop who you are – the unique you. Once you find your voice, your audience will most likely begin to react positively. This will skyrocket your self-confidence and your self-esteem, allowing you to find yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way.


  1. You Can Build Your Business Further


Customers and clients are more inclined to do businesses with a company when the leader has a banging personal brand. Amazing examples include Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. When it comes to most of these guys, one could argue that their personal brands may even be bigger than their businesses! Think about it — where would their companies be without their personal brands shining over their company brands?


  1. You Make New Friends


Having a strong personal brand does not only have professional advantages. When you’re interesting and easily noticeable, people will have a desire to connect with you on a more personal level. I have had numerous people see some of my social media posts, and subsequently reach out to me as a result of it. Many of these people I have even become lifelong friends with! Winning.


  1. You Have More Chances of Getting Hired


According to research studies, around 84% of hiring managers use social media as a hiring tool. The reason companies favour this method is because they’re trying to find out more information about you than just what you have on your CV or resume. People want to know you on a more personal level, as well understand whether or not you’ll be a good fit for their company culture.


This is a largely logical and reasonable approach when it comes to choosing the very best candidates. 


  1. You Can Run into Lucky Successes


When your powerful and attractive personal brand is visible out there in the world, amazing things seem to happen — and sometimes just by chance! There have been countless times whereby just by being noticed for one part of my brand, something else completely unexpected resulted! For example, someone who noticed my Instagram account proactively reached out to me, and she ended up becoming my executive assistant! Serendipity.


Regardless of whether you’re trying to grow your business, find your dream job, get noticed, attract influencers, or simply make ambitious new friends — a strong, attractive and visible brand is the ultimate key! It’s also key to building and maintaining your reputation, credibility, overall successful!


Final millionaire tip: don’t forget the golden rule of building a successful personal brand: authenticity trumps all! 😉

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