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4 Amazing Content Ideas That Will Put Your Digital Marketing Strategy On Top


Many of us already know that the potential of content marketing is immense. Let’s say you run a donut shop. You might consider putting out recipes and blog content related to your exact products — reason being, customers should know precisely what they’re coming to you for! These types of content pieces can serve the purpose of building up trust with your target customers. 


Every little thing that you put out there needs to be with the intention of attracting more people into your community ,and your businesses. Each and every business has their own unique content strategy. This is underpinned by the content they share (generally freely), all with the aim of growing their surrounding community. 


Your digital strategy might involve a blog, a podcast, or an Instagram account — but the following four points will assist you in brainstorming content marketing ideas that are perfect for you!


  1. Think About What You’d Share With A Friend Who Asked You For Help


Consider you’re out having lunch with a good friend and they ask you for advice with regards to their business. What would you say back to them? You’re probably pretty aware about the kind of information you’d share with a friend compared to what you might disclose to a client. I’m sure you wouldn’t tell a friend every little painful detail and strategy that you advise your clients on. Although, you most probably would offer your friend one solid tactic that has worked for you.


You can use this as a guide anytime someone asks you a question about your products, services, or experiences. What you can then do is look at these questions like triggers or sparks, and subsequently create fresh content around them! This is a classic example of leveraging your time in the best way possible. Whenever someone else asks this question again sometime in the future, you can then direct them to those specific content pieces. Winning.


  1. Think About What Could Establish Trust Between You And Your Target Audience


Podcasts are a fantastic tool to drive cold, front end traffic. When I plan each of my episodes, I think about the best ways of explaining to my target audience everything I feel they need to learn, and know, about my field of expertise. Ask yourself: “What basic information does my customer need to know about my industry?” This will fill in the gaps for them, as well as create a trusted bond in relation to themselves, you, and your brand.


  1. Think About Insights That Aren’t Directly Related To What You Sell Or Offer


Even if you do own that donut shop, it doesn’t mean that your podcast needs to be all about donuts. Rather pay attention to the way you want your customers to feel. When they’re about to sink their teeth into that piping hot, crispy dough, what comes to mind is utter joy and fulfillment. In this sense, you can aspire to create content that allows them to feel this way with a subtle reference, like “The 5 Best Ways To Live A More Enriching And Fulfilling Life.” Later on you can tie in those gorgeous donuts.


Keep in mind that this kind of content is not about shoving your product or service down their throats; it’s about meeting them where they’re currently at, and providing them with hands-on content related to what it is you do.


It also helps to try and find topics that are slightly related, whereby all the information they learn fits together, hand-in-hand.


  1. Consider Interviewing Relevant Or Related Industry Leaders


Most of the podcasts I record are interviews — and for good reason! Conversation offers way more value than just me alone, rambling into a microphone. It also puts less pressure on the content. Whenever I choose an interview guest, I personally choose people who I actually want to learn from!


Interviews are also useful as you can cover more ground, without having to go too deep into certain strategies. Like me, if your main sort of “theme” centres around finding happiness, success, and fulfillment in life, you can interview people on topics ranging from “How To Stay Positive When Surrounded By Negativity”, to “The Power Of Meaningful Relationships In The Workplace”. Each of these topics is related to my personal brand in one way or another.


In addition, another plus side about interviews is that they mean more people listening. All the people who follow your interviewees are likely to hear the episode, as well. This, in turn, means wider brand recognition; and, ultimately, more people inspired to live a life of joyful fulfillment. 😉


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