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The 10 Basic Concepts In A Successful Marriage | Concept 2: Natural Instincts And Learned Habits


Our instincts constitute innate behavioural patterns that we’re born with, whereas our habits are patterns that are learned. Both of these things are generally easily repeated, over and over again. They’re relevant when we consider what it means to be in love because it’s our behaviour that pours either gasoline or water over the Love Flame; and our instincts and habits make up the majority of our behaviour.


You see, instincts and habits can make the Love Flame burn higher; so it’s crucial to know how to mould those habits, as once they’ve been learned, gasoline tends to be poured over the Flame more easily, effortlessly, and frequently.


Unfortunately, many of our natural instincts and learned habits, such as dishonesty, for example, contribute towards water on the Love Flame. And because they’re so often repeated, they play a vital role in extinguishing a Love Flame. So if we want to keep the Love Flame burning high, we need to somehow stop destructive instincts and habits in their tracks. Instincts are more difficult to stop than habits — but they both can be minimised and avoided.


Always bear in mind the value of a good habit, as well as the harmful effects of a bad habit; because their respective effects on what happens to the Love Flame are multiplied by repetition.

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