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Believe In Yourself and Follow Your Dreams | Success Factors 2019


You have dreams. I know you have dreams. 


One message to you: 

There are so many people contacting me for advice, and there are so many people struggling with their parents or their friends or people around them, doing their best efforts to kill their dreams!


My advice to you: 


You know yourself best.


You should know yourself best. And if you know yourself best, you know your thoughts, you know your dreams, you know what makes you happy, you know what makes you sad – only you will know your path!


Don’t rely on people around you to understand you fully. Because they are them, and you are you. So you need to trust your own self-instincts. You need to trust your own path, your own passion, you own desires. 


Never Stop Dreaming

And don’t stop dreaming. Dream! That’s really important. The day you stop dreaming – you’re dead. You shouldn’t be dead. So keep those dreams alive, don’t let people around you divert you from those dreams. Don’t let them demand their needs off to you. Just keep pursuing. 


You’re At The Helm

Even if you’re going through bad times, tough times – keep pursuing your dreams. Do not do something that you will later regret. I don’t want you to sit there at an old age, lying in your bed regretting, thinking back and saying “Hey, shit! I had that opportunity and I didn’t take it”. You don’t want that, trust me – you don’t want that.


Fulfil your potential. You can do it. It takes time – but you can do it. 


And the only person who will quit will be you.


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