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4 Life Hacks To Make You A More Productive Entrepreneur

  Yes — being a successful entrepreneur does mean sweating through long and endless hours of dedication; but, it’s important […]

5 Massive Drivers Of Company Culture | Top Tips To Be The #1 CEO

  In my opinion, getting your company culture on track is far more important than getting your strategy, finances, product, […]

The Importance Of Marketing | How To Build A Unique Brand In 2020

  “Branding, branding, branding! You’ve heard the buzzword! But very few people and companies do it right…”   What is […]

Why Inheriting Money Is A Disaster | Don’t Destroy Your Kids’ Future

  “I’m totally against inheriting money. Giving millions to your kids from day one, from the age of 18 — […]

The First Steps To Becoming Rich | The Truth Told By A Self-Made Millionaire

  “30 years of learning skill sets. 30 years of life experience. 30 years of making mistakes. In general — […]

Motivation Comes From Setting Goals | How To Achieve What You Want In 2020

  “If you don’t have goals or targets you want to achieve; something that you want to work towards — […]

Success Starts With Believing In Yourself

  “Never doubt yourself as a human being — because you are amazing and unique!”   Right now, you might […]

Success In Business | Understanding People And Their Desires

  You Have To Understand Different Perspectives The number one success factor in selling, in copywriting, in management — is […]

The Difference Between Success And Failure | Millionaire Mindset

  “With productivity there’s only one way — it’s results! It’s money!”   Repeat Your Goals Especially in the beginning […]

Procrastinating Every Day? Here’s Your Solution!

  “Procrastination! That’s something that a lot of people are struggling with, right? And that is the one destroyer of […]

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