Email Marketing COVID-19 Edition: 4 Things You Need To Change in 2020

21st August 2020

According to Statista, more than 306 billion emails were expected to be sent and received every day in 2020. Woah.    With the sheer number of companies making the change over to remote work, and many brands sending more and more emails — the number may well exceed Statista’s prediction this year thanks to COVID-19. […]

3 Types of Social Media Marketing You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring!

19th August 2020

There’s far more to social media marketing than just likes and shares! In today’s world, the social media landscape is much greater than posting a cute picture or a funny meme — and then miraculously hoping it’ll take off with your audience.   So, if you want to beat the competition and stay as current […]

6 Ways To Effectively Run A Business From Anywhere In The World

17th August 2020

As an entrepreneur in a globalised world, when it comes to change, you need to remain flexible.    You may be in a position where you are, by choice, about to embark on an adventure of experiencing life abroad; or maybe you have found yourself needing to relocate to another country by circumstances out of […]

8 Reasons Why Having A Strong Personal Brand Sets You Up For Success

14th August 2020

Do you have a powerful and visible personal brand? If not, you’re putting yourself at a major disadvantage in your business and personal life! If you’re looking to effectively scale your business, take your career to the next level, get noticed, or make high-quality contacts — personal branding is an absolute requirement in today’s world! […]

Business Advice 101: Don’t Just Start A Business, Solve A Problem

12th August 2020

“The happiest and most successful people I know don’t just love what they do, they’re obsessed with solving an important problem, something that matters to them.” ~ Drew Houston, Dropbox co-founder     Fact: If consumers have problems, they’ll always be on the hunt for solutions. People constantly try to find better, faster, and smarter ways […]

8 Ways To Use EQ To Build Connections That Last

10th August 2020

So many leaders have been taught to ignore their own emotions as well as the emotions of their colleagues.    If this is how you, too, were taught to do things — it must be pretty difficult for you! All of the research that’s been done out there on Emotional Intelligence shows that this is […]

13 Defining Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

5th August 2020

Universal truth: all successful self-made millionaires had to start somewhere.   The transformation from “ordinary” to seven-, eight-, or even 9-figure status can be attributed to employing certain millionaire habits!    Your daily habits define how successful (or unsuccessful) you will ultimately be in life! When it comes to habits, it’s all about cause and […]

5 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Emotional Fitness

5th August 2020

When crisis strikes, there are some people who allow fear to completely overtake and overwhelm them; while there are other people who dive in head first and fully rise to the occasion! It is the latter group of people who know that they have the right mindset needed to not only survive, but to thrive […]

5 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Skyrocket Your Productivity

31st July 2020

We generally think of intelligence in terms of knowledge or mental reasoning abilities; but there’s another kind of intelligence that is crucial – if not, even more so! – in the world of business.   Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as EQ) refers to a person’s ability to read, feel, and respond to emotions — both […]

4 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Build Wealth

29th July 2020

Many people think of passive income as money earned while sitting on a Caribbean beach sipping cocktails; but there’s usually a whole lot more work involved! 😉   Having said this, passive income is still a fantastic source of supplementary funds for a lot of people, and it can prove to be an incredibly valuable […]