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Business Success | Vision, Value, And Making Money


“You need to have that radar of continuously making sure that the time that you’re using through your day is generating value.”


You Need A Passion

I would say that if you look at all successful people, there are usually some common denominators. And I would say that most successful people love what they’re doing. That’s the passion checked off the list, right?


You Need A Vision

The second thing I would say is the ability to have a vision. If you don’t have a vision and you don’t know where you’re going, it’s very hard to build something. Even in engineering or painting and art – you need to know what it is you’re wanting to create. That’s kind of the purpose of a business.


So you need to have a vision, and you need to have a mission. Those are common denominators of all successful people.


You Need To Track

And then, of course, comes the next part – which is tracking the value, the research, and the intel of whatever you’re doing. If you’re not able to track it or measure it, you’re not able to manage it. It’s like losing weight – if you’re not tracking your progress, you don’t know if you’re on the right track or not.


You Need To Execute

One of the major differences I notice between myself and the people around me is the execution part. The planning and execution. Not all tasks matter equally. I can easily work 2 or 3 hours on something that will really not generate much. Just think about it – next time you open your email inbox, how much value have you generated from one hour of going through your emails? And how important were those emails in assisting you reach your goals?


I’m not saying don’t check your emails; I’m not saying emails do not have value. I’m just questioning that radar. You need to have that radar of continuously making sure that the time that you’re using through your day is generating value. And most people don’t really think about that. Most employees come to work, and they’re working their hours without keeping the pulse and questioning themselves: “What value did I produce for my company?” Or, when they go home say: “Hey, what did I do at work today?” And value doesn’t only have to be in terms of money. It can be many other types of value – like dealing with customer responses, creating designs, or making videos, for example.


Productivity is another key word. If you don’t execute and if you don’t create a product as a result of your time – you’ll have a hard time being successful.    

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