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Develop Skills + Work Hard = Path to Success | Best Motivation 2019


I wanted to bring across two important things in this article. 


Number one: 

I want you to know, and to remind you, that you can be successful! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to – anything you want to do or learn – you can learn! Anything you want to try doing, you can execute. Whatever you want to do, you have control over your actions and those hours. 


Success Can Be Achieved By Anyone!

So don’t think that there are only a selected number of people who can become successful. The reason people are successful is not just because of their capabilities. Yes, we all have strengths and weaknesses. We may be stronger on paperwork or administration, or we may be stronger on marketing, for example. Maybe we have a talent for numbers, or we have a better eye for photography or design.


So we all have our strengths and weaknesses – which is important for you to map out for yourself, because those will allow you to turn your strengths into super-strengths and super-skills. But success can be accomplished by anyone. Even you reading this right now! You can accomplish the success that you want – your individual success, not somebody else’s success.


So, you have to believe in your capabilities of being able to execute that path to achieve success. Don’t doubt that for a second. If you really want to, you can!


Number two:

I want to remind you guys: 


There Is No Magic Hack!

I get tons of DM’s and questions everyday, like: “Hey, Sigurd, tell me what to do, I want to become a millionaire, give me the magic formula!” Well, my formula is: 


You Have To Work Damn Hard. 

You have to create value. That’s just how it works. If you don’t create money or value for a company or for a person, you have nothing to capitalize on. So your focus should not be on getting the cash, or taking any value that you want just because you want it. You need to give. You need to find out how you can create money and value for other people. 


It’s A Giving Game.

And for you to be able to do that, you need to develop skills. Maybe you decide to develop skills in online marketing to generate online traffic to a website, or maybe you’re really amazing at cutting hair, or at photography, or creating videos – whatever you want to do, you need skills to provide value and to provide solutions to clients. 


And a lot of that value is typically converted into money. If you help other people and companies earn money – guess what? The more money you help a person earn, the more valuable you will be for that person! Which means the more they will pay you more.


They might even give you partnership rights in that business, depending on the situation and the type of business. So, again, back to my second point; you need to develop those super skills. You need to develop the skills you need to have in order to create that value. If you’re starting your own business, maybe you’re still in the learning phase of acquiring those new sills or you’re wanting to develop within what you love doing – that’s fine, but:


Remember That Overnight Success Does Not Exist.

Don’t be scared! Don’t feel like you’re not progressing. Because as long as you’re learning, you’re getting somewhere! So don’t expect a quick fix. Don’t expect quick cash – it’s a myth. It does not exist, unless you inherit from a rich uncle, which most likely you won’t. 


So, understand that there is no magic hack! Develop value, focus on learning the skills you need to be able to create amazing value for people, and then start your business.


If you happen to be in the phase starting up your business, and you’re working on hiring staff, it’s also important to remember that you need to find the right staff. In the beginning you can do everything yourself, right?


You can put in the hours 24/7, and use your passion to do all of the necessary tasks. But over time, when you have around sixty employees like I do, or you have around 10-15 companies around the world – you need to delegate responsibility to staff. You need to have a managing group for your staff, and you need to have a work culture. So that’s really critical in my opinion.


So if you’re in that phase, focus on getting the right people. You build people, you don’t build businesses, right? You build people that will build your business, and make your business excellent, that can make it self-sustainable without you!


So, to recap these two important points – 


Number one: 

You have to believe that you can be successful and that you can accomplish anything you want. It’s all about working hard and developing the skills. 


Number two: 

You have to work hard. Forget the notion of quick cash or overnight wealth.


And again, 


Enjoy The Journey! 

The game is supposed to be fun. It’s not about wasting your life on doing something you hate. That’s why it’s so important to find something you love doing, because the journey is always the number one.


For me, I love my journey and the freedom of being able to work in any environment on things that I love doing, as well as learning new skills every single day, and being able to develop myself. My game is not about others. My game is against me. It’s about me progressing and developing to the next level. It’s about me learning and accomplishing the self-realisation of what I’m aiming for with my mission in my life.


So again, you have to find your joy; you have to find your passion. You need to find your vision and have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish in life. Then you’ll have the tools to figure out where you’re going. Start with that before anything else. Find out where you want to be, have a clear vision, and then start making your plans. 


Believe in yourself, keep hustling, and keep grinding. 

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