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E-Commerce: 3 Innovative Ways To Create A Tangible Experience With Your Brand


In our digital world today, it can generally be quite a challenge to foster a true feeling of connection with your customers. If they’re only engaging with you and ordering your products online, the lack of face-to-face connection is an opportunity thrown out the window. The future of the world is quite literally digital, which means we have no choice but to find ways to adapt. 


If you can somehow incorporate physical experiences into your e-commerce brand, it’ll make your community truly feel as though they know you and your company. Furthermore, it’ll keep them engaged, as well as allow them to feel like they’re a part of something greater!


Now we’ll take a look at three creative ways that you can introduce a more “physical” connection with your customers, beyond just the digital content. 


  1. Send Them Merch


Whenever anyone joins your online community, why not consider sending them a bracelet, mug, journal, or t-shirt with your company logo on? Most people will react really positively to a thoughtful little gesture such as this. Think of it as a welcome token of appreciation; something that goes beyond the online connection. 


Can you think of any other ways you can create this same kind of a unique connection with your customer? Whenever you send this kind of merch, throw in a thank-you letter for joining your community, or purchasing your product or service. Think of how happy they’ll be when they receive that surprise package, and how much it’ll raise their sense of loyalty to your company and community at large.


  1. Host Live Video Calls


Another great way to establish more of a human connection with your community members is by making use of video calls and features such as Instagram Live on a weekly basis. Having a face-to-face conversation feels much more intimate than talking over a straight audio phone call, or text messaging someone back and forth. This also allows you to express non-verbal cues, to an extent; rendering your communication to be more holistic — something far beyond just the words that come out of your mouth.


Another great thing is that these kinds of interactions will produce content on the fly. You might have a basic idea of what you want to talk about, but since it’s live and in real time, it feels considerably more intimate and authentic. The people that you’re talking to know that what you’re saying is not staged. 


  1. Organise Meetup’s


A lot of online communities host mastermind conferences or meetup’s in order to take people offline, and bring them into real, in-person interactions with one another. Events like these can be super fun if everyone already kind of “knows” each other from their digital connection experiences. It also produces an opportunity for them to meet you in person, which obviously leaves them feeling more attached to your larger brand purpose.


By using these three tactics (and others like them), your customers will truly feel as though they’re a part of a community that transcends any digital limitations — because essentially they will be! And at the end of the day, this creates a greater and more meaningful sense of commitment and belonging from their side. 

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