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Why Effective Recruitment Requires Top-Notch Marketing

“In order to be effective at recruitment and attracting talent, you need to have a strong marketing mix.”


Effective recruitment requires marketing!


Make sure to market your company, your positions, and your company culture. You need to share that in your target group where you’re marketing, right? You need to share and market your company and your positions effectively, within the market that you’re recruiting.


In order to be effective at marketing, recruitment, and attracting talent – you need to have a strong marketing mix. You need to create a marketing mix based on the perspectives of the employee you’re seeking, right? 


What’s In It For The Potential Employee?

So, if you’re looking for a programmer – what do they want? What’s their dream scenario? What does their dream job entail? What can you offer them? Because when they see your ad, they’ll be asking the question: “What’s in it for me? Why should I quit my current job and start working for you?”


So if you can clarify that, and you write the banners and ads (not from what you’re looking for) but showing what’s in it for the candidate you’re attracting; it’ll be much more effective in attracting talent.


Have A Strong Marketing Mix

Marketing mix – typically I use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble, programming forums, newspapers, and job portals. There’s a huge variety – you can find what works best for you.


But marketing is key! You’ll be able to reach many more people. And at the same time, you can build employment branding by communicating your company values and showing off your offices etc. So, when I talk about branding, I highly recommend that you use visuals – video, photography, and text.

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