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Embrace the Fear and Just Do It: 4 Ways to Skyrocket Your Confidence


Whether you’re taking the leap and finally starting that business, getting a passionate project on the go, or maybe even making some massive change in your life, there can often be countless reasons to feel anxious about doing something new.


And sure, it makes sense. While some of us live for the excitement of the unknown and figuring shit out as you go, many others feel genuinely uncertain, unable to push forward without a clear and predetermined formula for success.


Let me just lay out a universal truth for you here:

You can feel the fear, and do it anyway. The only way the extraordinary is made tangible is by embracing fear and failure.


You know that classic Steve Jobs quote: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”? Well, it takes a certain level of foolishness and vulnerability to take on something huge, without knowing the outcome beforehand! You may not know the final result, but you possess the confidence to push past the fear and just take that jump.


If you have some big aspirations but your self-confidence cup has run dry, here are some helpful reminders to give you that boost to begin blazing your trail.


1. Define “confidence” in a new light

If you’re under the impression that being self-confident implies previous success and zero chance of failure, you’ve got it wrong.


To use the wise words of acclaimed life and business coach, author, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins: “True confidence embodies a willingness to go on even when faced with adversity. Whatever happens, you can face it and come out on top. That’s confidence.”


True confidence flows once you’ve taken conscious responsibility for your own inner potential to find solutions and enable your own success.


2. Quit with the comparisons

 Making comparisons robs you of true happiness. Making comparisons also kills your confidence.


If you’re always looking somewhere else and thinking that your project, product, or service will never be as successful as some of the things Elon Musk has done, then it’s highly probable that you may never get started.


The accomplishments of others do not dictate your potential! They also don’t relate to your personal definition of success.


3. Tell your inner critic to go f**k itself 

Fear is not a problem. In fact, it can help you be more calculated and deliberate in your approach. What is a problem, though, is when you’ve dwelled on the negatives for long, that you’ve convinced yourself that you’re unworthy or incapable of accomplishing your goals. This would be the right time to tell your inner critic to very kindly f**k off. It should help you recognise and avoid dangers or pitfalls, but it sure as hell has no place drowning out the confidence you need to move forward.


A useful way to do this is to sit down and examine all of the evidence. Get real with yourself and write down all the reasons why you “think” that you’re bound to fail at something. After that, list the evidence that points to all the reasons why you could succeed. Taking the time to examine the evidence of your situation can assist in bringing clarity to the voice in your head, which can sometimes be notoriously exaggerated and overly negative.


4. Surround yourself with people who support you 

It’s a tough task to accomplish true greatness when the people around you aren’t quite invested in seeing you succeed. This rings even more true when your friends and family are frequently pessimistic in their responses to your plans and capabilities. You simply do not have the energy to become caught up in the doubt of another!


For some people, doubt is often that driving factor for them to prove the haters and naysayers wrong… But these people usually already have a pretty healthy dose of confidence instilled within them. If you keep company with people who genuinely support you, they’ll give you even more reason to be confident, as well as even push you to do better than your own expectations!


When you believe you can reach your goals, and those who matter most to you think so too, you’ll be surprised at how confident you become about crushing obstacles and achieving your dreams.

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