5 Things Emotionally Intelligent Salespeople Do To Be Successful


How are your New Year’s Resolutions turning out so far?


Now, if you’re in the sales business, there’s one important resolution to make NOW, that will completely alter how the rest of your 2020 turns out: Love what you sell.


If you do not love it, own it, and believe in it — leave it! You need to have a true and burning passion for whatever it is you’re selling.


Someone who does not love what he or she is selling will have to work triple as hard as someone who does if they want to be successful! Not only this, but a person’s general happiness at work will suffer, too.


Guys, a truly effective sales strategy takes some emotional intelligence, heaps of energy, and a passion for what you’re selling.


Here are five tips that will help you in applying EQ in order to become the best salesperson in the business!


  1. Be Your Own Best Case Study


Go above and beyond merely using the product or service that you’re selling — test it until it “breaks”! This will guide you when engaging in conversations with customers or potential prospects, as you can walk them through the required solutions for any specific pain points. Knowing this kind of stuff will ultimately help you hold a more knowledgeable conversation with your clients.


  1. Maintain A High Energy Level


Trust me, when you love what you sell — this one comes pretty easy! Never forget that positivity is contagious. Smile and invite them into your universe as you lead them to success! This is what high-EQ-sellers excel at. When you truly connect with a person, you build rapport and trust, which feeds the customer’s urge to buy. In order to consistently reignite your energy levels, foster a mindset of rest and pause. How? You could try taking several micro-breaks throughout the day; work while standing upright; or grab a coffee with a coworker. If you know  when and how to disconnect, you’ll make stronger connections with your customers and fellow colleagues alike.


  1. Relearn And Consistently Work On Your Listening Skills


No matter what industry you’re in, learning is a never-ending game. For salespeople with EQ, relearning and training oneself with important foundational skills can make sure you stay sharp and on the ball. Selling is rendered more powerful and efficient when you are actively listening to whatever a client is saying about your product; so challenge yourself to be a more active listener, using both verbal and non-verbal cues to demonstrate that you’re interested. Don’t forget: the average ratio for a successful sales-related conversation is 50/50 between the seller and the client; so begin your next meeting with a strong statement — and then turn on listening skills!


  1. Don’t Sell It If You Ain’t Got It


Quite often, customers or prospects might end up making a request that you very well know you cannot deliver on, and could potentially end up in you losing the deal altogether… This kind of a situation turns even more stressful when you already have an unfinished solution in the works. Always stick to being 100% clear about exactly what is available, tested, and already working. Honesty goes a long way in avoiding unnecessary frustrations and setting realistic expectations.


  1. Use Awkward Silences To Your Own Advantage


Silence can be a tough skill to master, mainly because when it’s prolonged, it can get awkward. That being said, when you do it the right way, it can be extremely empowering. If you’re willing to stay silent when waiting for an answer from your customer, it sends a signal of pure confidence and control. Silence can further be used as a means for discovery. Once you have given a strong and brief introduction, state your desired goals for the conversation, then apply a hard stop. Allow the customer to explain or vent their frustrations, and then follow up with prompts or questions such as: “Tell me more about this …” or: “What do you feel is causing that problem?” This will help you in presenting a more targeted solution to address your client’s needs.


There are countless possibilities for salespeople with a strong EQ, but the core success strategies always remain rooted in honesty, authenticity, transparency (and, surprise) in loving whatever you sell!

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