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Entrepreneur Characteristics: Where Does Success Come From?


“The only way you will change and get out from where you are, is to not accept! Because if you’re accepting things the way they are, you won’t do anything!”


Discipline is connected to passion. So literally, what I mean by that is if you love something; the cost of you stopping doing something that you’re enjoying, to do whatever you need to be disciplined to do, will be so much easier, right? But let’s say you hate doing something – the worst thing, right? – you really hate school for example; the discipline requirement is going to be so much bigger.


Passion Is The Foundation Of Success

So I think that’s actually tied to passion, and one of the reasons I say that passion is the foundation of success. Yes, I’m not saying don’t focus on the money, because many people love earning money, creating money, creating wealth, and building their empire – but that’s passion too!


Passion Fuels Discipline

So I would say that as long as you have a passion for what you’re doing, you don’t have to worry so much about the discipline in many cases. Because your passion will fire it.


But I do think there are some things that can really help. The bigger the goal, the more discipline is required to get started. 


It’s like going to the gym, right? People are not used to going to the gym, and then they have this vision of “Okay, I need to start going to the gym!” Because they’re thinking one hour, three times a week, some cardio, three body parts, the whole package – right? But the truth is, if they would just start with 10 minutes three times a week – or even 10 minutes every day, every morning – how much is that 10 minutes? Nothing! 10 minutes every morning to do some exercise. Jump rope, treadmill, pushups – whatever it is! Just something to get the habit going.


And as you accomplish that one goal, you’ll start believing! You’ll strengthen your confidence in overcoming challenges! But if you look at this big thing right away, it may be a bit overwhelming, and will require more discipline to get going; because the goal is so big. 


Discipline Is The Engine Of Execution

But I think that passion is the fuel for discipline, and discipline is the fuel and the engine for execution; which is really key. If you hate working out at the gym, but you love tennis, it’ll be so much harder for you to discipline yourself to go to the gym. But it’ll be much easier for you to discipline yourself to go to the tennis court, right? 


So I guess that’s kind of the clue here; I’m saying that to be really good – Messi, he’s always loved playing soccer; he’s excited to play soccer! Steven Spielberg loves movies! He’s excited to make movies, he just lives for it, it’s a lifestyle. It’s like an obsession. Elon Musk loves electrical cars, he loves to invent things, he wants to go to Mars – he’s just obsessed with it! You need to have a passion like that, find and you tap into that passion, that fire. 


Everyone Has A Passion – You Just Need To Find It!

So many people are accepting a life without feeling this passion! And it doesn’t mean that you’re not passionate. It means you haven’t found that thing, or those things that make you passionate. That’s what I believe! And I believe that it doesn exist somewhere, you just haven’t found it! You’ve just randomly happened to become an accountant but you really don’t like what you’re doing. Or you’ve happened to become a lawyer.


And typically, the way it is is that people educate themselves, right? They invest in university for X number of years, without really knowing whether or not that’s their passion. There’s no application form at any university saying: “Hey, are you really sure that you have a 10 on the passion scale for what you’re wanting to become now and educate on for the next six years?” There’s nobody asking people at medical school if they’re sure they would really be excited about heart surgery, if they’re entering that field of profession.      


Most students randomly go into fields, and they educate themselves; and then they end up with that being their profession for 20 or 30 years! And most people don’t jump off like I did. They don’t change their occupation as frequently as I have throughout my years – which creates a problem. Because you never get to try something else. Nothing is forcing you to try something else that you might love even more. 


And there’s no objective passion scale! How do you freaking know that what you’re doing right now is the biggest, most passionate thing that you could be doing right now? If you’ve never tried to be a professional photographer, for example. Or you’ve never tried AdWords. Or you’ve never tried making videos in influencer marketing. Or helping people.


You Need To Try New Things

People need to try things in order to find what they’re looking for! Either it’s food, or it’s something that you’re passionate about. But the passion is the driver. Because if you have passion, you’ll be doing this every breathing minute you’re alive – with ease! If the passion is strong enough.


“And don’t accept that you’re living a life without passion!”


Don’t accept it! I think the only way you will change and get out from where you are – either it’s a bad relationship where you’re being abused, or you’re unhappy, or it’s a matter of living with your parents when you’re 20 and they’re trying to dictate your life and force you to be something that you’re not. Or you’re in a job you don’t like; you hate it, you’re not excited to go to work every day and you’re living for the weekend…


The number one step to get out of this is to not accept! It’s a requirement. Because if you’re accepting the way it is, you won’t do anything!  

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