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How The Global Media Revolution Changes Everything!


We know that Facebook and Instagram are kind of underpriced; because the big companies are still using their main budgets on TV and radio — even though TV is really declining; radio is quite stable. But in most markets, television is totally losing their younger audience. It’s very stable on the higher, older demos like 60+ I would say.


You know, one or two years ago Netflix surpassed the number of more subscribers in households than those with cable TV in the U.S.! And yes, in Hungary and Norway, for example,  things with Netflix are a little more recent — but I know for sure that in the Nordics, bottom has dropped out with television. Why? Because users have access to anything they want, whenever they want to consume it.


And also, the level of the movies that Netflix and HBO are creating are at a really high level. Even the film industry is struggling now because Netflix and HBO are taking the biggest producers and the best talent.


“The media shift is massive if you take a look at the last three or four years!”


Completely turned upside down! I find that extremely fascinating — the speed at how big these changes are happening. And how big it’s changing for the consumers!


In terms of this coming year — I’m focusing a lot on certain channels, like TikTok. I’m seeing that as one of the big ones. Everybody is making fun of it as they did with Instagram eight years ago, right? They’re saying: “Oh, it’s for kids…” The younger demos always find it first — that’s what they don’t understand! So TikTok is now for the young ones; but in 5, 6, or 7 years time — there’s no doubt that it will most likely become one of the top players as well. It’s the third most downloaded app in the world.

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