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How I Used Growth Mentality In My Business | Millionaire Advice | Mindset For Success 2019


One of the things that I notice that is different between the way I think and the way people around me think, is that most businesses and most people are thinking of growth in, let’s say, a 10-20-30% scale. They limit themselves from thinking big!

In order to achieve the things I have done, where you start a business from your cellar with basically just two hands; and I started with approximately 100,000 euros in my bank account (that’s what funded my e-commerce career and my first e-commerce site), I was already registering the trademarks for the name I came up with, globally! In South America, the United States, and Europe.

So, I was already (from the “name stage”), in the headspace that this would become a global brand. 

Most people don’t think like that. They start a coffee shop in an area, or they start a website and they are thinking in terms of just their country. Most often their city, actually. And I wasn’t even thinking Scandinavia – because I started it from my home in oslo – but I was thinking globally. I was thinking about Australia, I was thinking about the States, I was thinking about Canada! 

I registered the trademark for around 50-70,000 USD even before I launched, so that’s just an example. Many people would say it’s crazy, but legally I wanted to protect the domains, legally I wanted to make sure all the domain writers would not really have a chance, because I would be owning the trademarks in each of these territories. 


Fostering A “No Limits” Mentality

I really and truly believed in the brand that I came up with; the brand that I invented. What I’m trying to say is that thinking of growth in maybe 5-10-15% per year is just not ambitious enough! As I say, I was thinking globally right away. And I was thinking 10X. I was thinking, “ I’m going to be earning, or having a turnover of 100 million euros a year within five years.” I utterly believed that in my heart. I didn’t know how I was going to get there yet, but I believed it.

So you have to have that huge, larger than life, “no limits” mentality; believing that you can play the major league. If you don’t believe that you can play in the major league, then you will always be stuck in the minor league. You will always be stuck in that small growth, because what happens is, when you’re thinking big; when you’re thinking €50 million turnover from zero or you are thinking from €5 million a year to €100 million a year, your plan for that will be so different! There will be so many things changing in that growth pattern and that growth strategy.


Start With Raising Capital

First of all, you will need to raise cash; you will need to raise capital; most businesses and entrepreneurs think they’re gonna grow it based on their operating cash. It really unlocks a lot. It unlocks your mentality, it unlocks the belief in your staff if you have a staff pool working for you;

and this is really essential. It’s really essential to have that growth mentality. 


The Belief That All Successful Billionaires Share

All of the major and successful billionaires out there have had that same belief! They believe in the “big”! And even if you don’t reach that big curve, I can guarantee you that you’ll be reaching half way, or three quarters, or even a quarter – even if you do 25% of that original plan, you’ll still be a hell of a lot more than that 10%. 

So if you aim high, your results will be high!


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