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How To Lead For A Lasting Impact | 10 Key Qualities To Influence


Truly extraordinary leaders inspire.


But just how do they do it? What is it, exactly, that sets a good leader apart from a mediocre one? 


In this article I’m going to look at 10 essential qualities that all excellent leaders share; qualities which are crucial if you truly want to be successful in influencing others.


In my opinion, an extraordinary leader is a person who has learned how to positively impact people, including their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.


So, let’s dive in and take a look at the unique characteristics!


Number 1:

A Strong Hunger & Drive

This is what sets a leader apart from a follower! They have a burning desire to execute and make things happen – doing, creating, and sharing. 


Great leaders have a willingness to challenge authority – they’re non-conformists, and true trail-blazers! One of the most defining qualities is a desire to serve something greater than themselves; always focusing on the bigger picture!


Number 2:

A Compelling Vision

If you wanna unlock an extraordinary life, you have to have big dreams! There’s no point if you’re just trying to influence people for your own selfish purposes. If you really wanna stand out, you need to capture the hearts, minds and energies of people!


You need to inspire them to contribute to your vision in some way! And it always has to be a vision for how life can be made better, for many people.


Number 3:

They Have Complete Certainty

Leaders need to have a core belief that they can turn their vision into reality!


Influencing others always starts with them viewing you as confident and sure of yourself first. Amazing leaders will use any fear to push themselves even harder!


Number 4:

Effective & Passionate Communication Skills

Just like any great marketing:

If you want to influence others, you already need to know what influences them!


Once you understand your audience, you’ll be able to communicate passionately and effectively, in a style that connects with them. 


Number 5:

They’re Amazing Strategists

Next-level leaders are brilliant at always figuring out a way to get from where they are to where they want to be!


They’re strategic in their communication style, in how to get the job done, and in working with a variety of people. They take all aspects of a situation into consideration, and they’re never afraid to re-evaluate; making sure that everything underway is running smoothly.


Number 6:

The Ability To Care, Connect & Break Limiting Beliefs

Influential leaders have a repertoire of various methods that they use to break old patterns in people.


Regardless of what these are, the common thread is that they truly care about the people they are influencing. They know how to connect with people, and they have the expertise to shatter limiting beliefs.


Number 7:

Ridiculously High Standards & Expectations

If you really wanna change the world, you need to set a standard of almost unreasonable expectations!


Brilliant leaders push the boundaries of excellence! They never settle for average, and they create a culture that inspires people to live bigger lives, with higher expectations of themselves.


Number 8:

The Courage & Faith To Act

The best leaders know how to dance with fear instead of letting it ruin their lives!


They’re optimistic, and they have faith that something positive will come from their actions. It’s hard not to be inspired by this kind of behaviour!


Number 9:

They’re Persistent, But Flexible

Great leaders never turn off their switch for adapting to new environments or developing new skills.


They show in the way they turn their setbacks into successes, and they can easily make changes when they see something isn’t working. Think of it this way: you persist for the outcome, but you flex your approach towards that goal!


Number 10:

They Are Real & Consistent

Last but not least, a true leader leads by example!


They never ask others to do what they, themselves, are not willing to do –  or have at least done before! They lead based on their core values, and they know that influencing others is meaningless unless it comes from a place of authenticity. They develop credibility by staying consistent with their words and their actions.


All great leaders who have perfected the art of influencing people have stories of possibility rather than impossibility! 


Leaders change the state of other people and the world around them by telling a powerful story, and they inspire others with their vision by putting their plans into real action!

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