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How To Market Effectively In 2020 | Everything You Need To Know About The Different Platforms


I’m going to give you some advice and inside knowledge into how I’m marketing my brands, and what I will be changing over the next year in terms of adapting to the different channels, in order to grow with the best ROA as possible.



AdWords is a powerful tool, however, due to the competition, due to its global level and reach as the number one paid search engine — it’s expensive. For me, I do my deals locally. If I go to the USA, or if I go to Latin America (because I have global e-commerce brands), it’s cheaper for me to get local deals than AdWords! Why? Well, with AdWords, any person without many qualifications, can set up an AdWords account right now, and go live within the day. Any person globally, can reach any other country. Since it’s a bidding system, a bidding marketing platform, the prices go up! Which means it’s harder to generate ROAS.


Instagram & Facebook

In my opinion, right now there’s nothing more powerful than Instagram and Facebook media buying. You can target anything you want! The skill set of putting your message in front of the clients — it’s so easy. It’s more about the art, it’s more about the ads, it’s more about how you’re selling or offering your problem and solution.



Television is a problem right now, because it’s basically losing all of its younger viewers! It’s a massive landslide. Both in the USA, and also now progressing in Europe, as Netflix, HBO, and streaming servers are totally dominating the market. Last year already, in the USA, the number of Netflix subscribers surpassed cable TV!


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation is a great tool to scale with limited capital. In terms of marketing through affiliation, you have to be extremely cautious, be working with highly experienced people, and be aware that the quality of those sign-ups is typically not the best. Unless you really are tapping into strong, tier 1 affiliates globally — like strong business partners.



I would say that one of the most powerful marketing tools out there right now is SEO. Especially with content marketing. Especially with social media — with its position and its reach. Now, people are moving away from checking in on their websites or their local news sites, to literally getting the news in their feed. If you want something, you Google it – right? Really! SEO is your number one most effective option. It takes more time, but once you achieve those goals and those ranks — you’re visible! It’s almost like having your shop on the main street in a city, rather than on the back street. People are seeing it as they’re passing. You’re getting clients in the door every single day, without having to market yourself. So getting search rank, is my personal number one. That’s what I put a lot of resources into. If you’re visible on Google – if you’re ranking on the first page (because remember, most of the clicks are happening on the first page) — you’re winning! If you’re on the third or fourth page, you will not see very high results. But if you’re able to make it onto the first page, even with double keywords, you’re going to get tremendous results!


Focus On Your Brand, Not Just The Numbers

In my view, the most optimal factor for marketing in 2020, is to focus on your brand. That’s my number one message. Way too many people and businesses forget the branding, and they’re really just looking at the numbers. They’re being blinded by short-term ROI. And then they stop channels, which are really effective marketing channels, just because they want that quick ROI. And in many cases, the branding campaigns will not provide a quick ROI.


If you want to keep updated on my business advice, all my tips, tricks, social media advice, how I grow my social media channels, how I conduct my business, and how I’m successful — subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgfXCFhWJDfdTqTN8KkI8g

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