How To Save €10,000 In One Month! | Money-Saving Secrets From A Multi-Millionaire


Is one of your goals and objectives in life to become wealthier? Because, yes, money does make it easier for you to find happiness and allow you the freedom to be able to do what you want.


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It’s A Mindset Of Good Habits


It all comes down to a mindset of habits, right? Either you use the money you’re earning in your job. You spend it on iPhones, partying, friends, gifts, and generally just on buying things that do not return!


But when you’re wealthy and you want to multiply money, you only have that pool of cash – right? When I have that pool of cash, what I do is I want to set aside a portion of that for savings. 


Set Aside A Portion Of Your Paycheck


So get to the point where, out of your paycheck, you can set aside 30, 40, or 50% of your paycheck. Which means limiting your spending in your daily budget. Being able to set aside that cash, letting it accumulate in a bank account is a first step for your own security.


This is where the mindset shifts, right? Your mentality is: “Okay, this dollar or this paycheck or this 100 bucks, or whatever money I have for that matter — where will I put it?”


You should start focusing on your costs and your spendings being something that should multiply. You should be asking the question, “Where should I invest this cash that will bring me the greatest return?”   


Invest In Yourself


Of course, if you’re in the early stages and you don’t have the superskills to be able to be successful — I would suggest learning; which means investing in yourself. So if you have a daytime job, start investing in knowledge – right? Start buying the right books. Start buying mentorship programmes that taught the top performers in your niche. Investing in yourself will unlock the superskills, the ideas, and the mindset in order for you to achieve more!


You Have To Take Full Responsibility


Many people say that when you’re successful and wealthy, and you have a thriving business or businesses — that it requires less of you; like you have less responsibility… You actually have more! Why? 


Well, first of all, you have the responsibility of being a good human, right? You have more power, you have more money, and you have staff to take care of — which is your responsibility. 

And as you climb that ladder, it’s extremely important to not forget where you came from. The more you can remember the life that you came from, and how you were struggling back in those days — the more you’ll understand people and society around you.


But in terms of ensuring that you use your wealth not just to buy fancy cars, but to actually support and make the world a better place — I think those are very important values once you have that wealth and you have that opportunity. So I would say that the responsibility for you to be a better human being is higher.


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