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How To Succeed In Life And Business | Advice From A Multi-Millionaire


You have to have a vision of what makes you happy. You have to know yourself. I mean, if you don’t know yourself, if you don’t know what makes you happy in life — like literally, is it walking in the woods? Is it tennis? What the hell makes you happy? Write it down.


Have A Clear View Of What Makes You Happy

Have a clear view of what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy — what drains you of energy. And people don’t write stuff down! There’s a reason why strategies for companies are written on paper. There’s a reason why school books are on paper (okay, nowadays they’re coming on computers, but it’s still written, right?) There’s a reason why people write contracts on paper. It’s to have it clear! It’s to have it organised.


Write Everything Down

You cannot organise things in your mind. People just living through life, having some sort of a “rough puff” goal in their mind — that’s not enough! You have to write that shit down! You have to write it down. Have it visible. I have a whiteboard at home. I have a whiteboard at the office. And I have my top targets there. Every single morning, every single day; I’m reviewing my own targets. Even though they’re only 10 points! 


I remember them, but I’m reinforcing. People around me don’t do that… No wonder they’re not successful! You have to have clear goals. You have to aim high — don’t aim medium – dream big. And then you have to work hard! You have to be willing to sacrifice what 98% of everybody around you does or has. You cannot measure yourself with people around you. Except if they’re extremely successful.


Develop Your Own Path

If you wanna go there, if you wanna climb that ladder — you cannot be looking at what your friends are doing, or what your mother and father are doing – unless they’re also successful! You have to develop your own path. And people will resist that!


People will talk to you. People will try to discourage you. It’s the name of the game! Ask any successful person. There are always people out there discouraging you, like: “Isn’t it hard to become a soccer player in the Champions League?” “Isn’t it hard to live off of music?” Isn’t it hard to be an artist?” “Isn’t it hard to become a millionaire? — To start your business and quit your job?” They’ll ask you all these questions! And it’ll make you think!


But the goal has to clear. Crystal clear. And if that’s not clear, if you’re not willing to make sacrifices — do not start your own business, man! I’m serious. It’s a hard game. Ask anybody wealthy – except for those who have inherited money!

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