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How To Title Your YouTube Videos In 2020 | Get More Views Than Ever Before!


“If you have a problem, you go to YouTube or Google — right? And what do you type in there? You type the problem, or the “how-to”. Or you type the holy grail.”


If you look at any title out there, they’re all including a problem, a holy grail, or a call-to-action — and in many cases they’re including a combination of those three.


What do I mean by that? If you have a problem, you go to YouTube or Google — right? And what do you type in there? You type the problem, or the “how-to”. Or you type the holy grail.


Your amazing footage has zero viewers, by default. So whatever videos you’re working so hard on and posting; it’s like putting them in a drawer and closing it. Nobody sees it! Zero. Only you (and maybe your friends and family) see those videos. The only way anybody can have a chance at seeing those videos, is how? If a user goes into the search field and types in something there, right?


So, you have to ask yourself: “What are consumers typing in to get this video about X?” You have to think about what kind of problems people have! You just have to brainwash yourself with problems, problems, problems. They should be the source for everything you do. 


“If I go to the doctor, what’s the first question he asks? — “What’s your problem?” Same thing! You need to be a “doctor” for somebody and think as though you’re training them to fix that problem.”


Why do you think all of the YouTubers and Instagrammers who are making content about how to grow your YouTube or Instagram are having such a high growth themselves? It’s because the search terms and the problem in society on how to grow (because social media is so important) is such a big thing! There are a lot of searches for it. So when people come to it, it has a high value for them. That’s why a lot of people look and say: “Woah, I really need to subscribe to this guy! He’s actually teaching me amazing ways to grow my Instagram! I could maybe get 100 000 followers!”


“Who doesn’t want 100 000 followers on Instagram? Every freaking idiot (except for my grandma, who doesn’t care!) But the point is that everybody wants it, right?”

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