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Are You Impatient? | Learn Why Impatience Is A Key Factor To Attaining Success


“I don’t even want to wait one day! I want zero gaps! Everything now. Now. NOW!”


Patience is the key… Well, that’s what I keep hearing at least anyway! It’s one of those quotes going around on Instagram. Well, if there’s one person who has an absolute lack of patience — it’s me!


With everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve accomplished, I’ve always asked myself: “How can I do this the quickest way possible? How can I execute whatever I need to execute, right now?” I don’t want to wait! I’m not patient waiting for a result that might never come!


But, I’d also like to just clarify what I’ve said: Don’t change your strategy randomly! If you’ve started something – let’s say you’ve started a YouTube channel you want to grow; or you’re building a business, trying to build those sales, and you’re not seeing results right away – that’s something different! 


Be Impatient On The Execution

If you’re a data-driven or KPI-driven person, which you should be if you’re running a business, then you should be impatient with the execution! So when you’re trying to reach a goal, and you have those triggers and you have those actions that require fulfilling in order to achieve that goal — it’s these actions you should not be patient with!


You should literally ask yourself: “Hey, how can I get this done and executed in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort?”


And I strongly believe that the best project managers that I’ve ever worked with, are the ones who are notoriously impatient! Patience can be absolutely detrimental, in my view! If I want something, I want it now! Whatever you’re controlling — hell no, don’t be patient!


You Need To Be Taking The Right Actions

Yes, people say you have all the time in the world. I mean, yes – you’re not dying! You have time, but you still need to take action! It doesn’t help to sit around and watch Netflix, it doesn’t help to chill around and chat with your friends if you want to be successful. Patience will not help you! You can be patient for 20 years — you still won’t get anywhere!


If you understand whatever you’re doing, you will know, for example, that it takes time for Google to recognise you. But if you’re not posting, and if your video is not indexed in Google, you will never get any rank! What is indexed might end up on page 50. Of course you have to be patient and allow time for Google to grow it; but if you don’t have the domain authority you need to compete, it doesn’t matter how long you’ll be waiting — that will never rank to the top!


I’m living my days, my weekends, my life — impatient! Notoriously impatient for getting whatever I want done in terms of opportunities I see, executed right now! I don’t even want to wait one day! I want zero gaps! Everything now. Now. NOW!


That’s the way I have succeeded, and I’m quite sure that this is the best way you will succeed, too!

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