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4 Inspiring Ways To Motivate Your Employees To Always Give Their Best


The best leaders are the best motivators. Levelling up your skills as a motivator will make your employees happier, raise your customers’ satisfaction, and increase your company’s chances at succeeding. 


I’ve hired hundreds of different people throughout my career. While humans are all wonderfully diverse and complex, I have noticed that they are motivated by the same basic principles. Below I will be discussing four different ways that you can utilise these principles to assist in more effectively motivating your team of employees.


  1. Recruit People Who Share Your Vision


Hire people who are inspired by the things that your company does and the people whom your company serves. Too often you might hire people with good intentions, yet it turns out that they’re frustratingly impossible to motivate as their passions and interests don’t match up with yours. 


Once you employ them, you might find that your relationship turns into a never ending struggle, with you doing your utmost to motivate them, and them doing their best to resist… It’s simple: They’re just not motivated.


They might not necessarily be “bad employees” (for example, they might be punctual with arriving to the office, and they might work their full eight hours a day), but the difference is that their hearts won’t be in the game. If someone is just working for their paycheck, it’s rather difficult to ignite that passion flame in them.


Don’t rely just on CV’s and references in your recruitment process; instead, try to really find out what makes that person tick. Discover why they wish to devote 40 hours of their precious week towards your company. The more they share your vision, the easier it’ll be to motivate them to give their very best.


  1. Create An Appealing Office Environment


Numerous studies show that the human brain is practically wired to prefer order over disorder. Messy, ugly, or just plain unappealing working environments diminish our concentration, and can cause us to feel stressed, as they exude a sense of being out of control.


So, if you’re meant to be the Head of Motivation at your company, your job will be much easier if your employees actually admire and appreciate their surroundings. Adding nice touches like plants and modern art prove to have a massive impact. Your employees should be free to allow their desk spaces to showcase their personalities, but all shared working spaces should give off a sense of serenity rather than chaos.  


  1. Be A Shining Example


Any inspiring and motivating leader would never ask their employees to do something that they themselves are not willing to do. Good moods and bad moods are both highly contagious. The mood of a leader can especially rub off, so do your utmost to spread around positivity and joy in the office.


If you expect your employees to arrive early, make sure that you also arrive early. If you want to see them treating one another with respect, make sure that you also treat them with respect. Aspire to be the type of leader everyone can identify with and love. It’ll be much easier for them to believe that you have walked in their shoes if they actually see evidence of you doing it every single day.  


  1. Allow Opportunities For Advancement


Fact: A dead-end job renders a dead-end spirit. The employees in your business need to know that your company ladder is climbable, and potential climbers should be given the necessary tools and training required for a successful conquest. If you establish a reputation as a leader whose employees always go on to better and bigger things, you’ll never have a recruitment problem. 


Remember that human goals are fluid. As their life seasons change, so do their ambitions. You could lose a really valuable employee if you’re not aware of these kinds of transformations. Staying on top of your employees’ dreams and desires is a fantastic motivational tool. Nurture their careers just as though they were your own, and together, you’ll reach amazing heights!


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