Millionaire Hacks: The Importance of Finding and Living Your Passion (and How To Do It!)

What is one quality all successful entrepreneurs share? They don’t do it for the money; they’re passionate about their mission. The cool thing is, though, that finding your passion is literally worth millions.


In the wise words of Steve Jobs: “You’ve got to find what you love. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”


Finding your passion isn’t just some bit of cheesy advice from me to you. It undoubtedly has something to do with your success; and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my burning passion. 


Passion is the fuel of discipline. The more passionate you are about what you are doing, the easier it is – and the less discipline you need – to execute.


Working hours and hours on your passion doesn’t feel like work; but rather, more like a fun hobby! Keep in mind, though, finding your passion takes time — in fact, often many years.


For a long time, I honestly thought I would live a life filled with music, songwriting, and production — running my own studio! This, in fact, was my first entrepreneurial venture, which failed when I was 30. Why? Well, because it was then that I discovered my passion for radio and TV management. This later led me on to communication, market research, branding, and content creation. Eventually I started up my first e-commerce site at the age of 40 — and the rest is history!


I only see how the path unfolded when I look back now. I just dared to pursue whatever I loved doing.


So, how do you find your passion? TRY things! Just like finding your favourite foods; you need to proactively try many different things. Sample things, and then learn.


Your passion is that thing you most love doing — and more! It’s something you can do for 20 hours a day and not get bored. It’s something you can commit 10 years of your life to, and say that it was all worth it. It might be cooking, photography, design, sales, accounting, business intelligence, or programming. Whatever it is that you want to do, and as long as you can do it for hours on end without getting tired — that’s your passion.


Passion is the energy that fuels your discipline, and discipline gets your execution going — no matter what. If you have a strong passion for what you’re doing, discipline becomes easier, and execution follows suit. And, most importantly, you won’t back down easily.


So, the success of your vision relies on your execution skills. Without execution, your ideas are worthless. Simply put, it doesn’t matter how badly you want to be a millionaire. If you cannot actually do what is needed, and discipline yourself the way you need to, you’ll never reach your goal of becoming a millionaire. All of these things are rooted in your passion.


Now, the best way to get to your goal is to tie it with your passion. In other words, try to become a millionaire by doing what you love. Once you find this balance, you’ll be unstoppable!


And let me get one thing clear: everyone has a passion. Those who claim they “don’t”,just haven’t found it yet!


So, spend your twenties, even your thirties, and maybe even your forties, trying loads of stuff. Maybe you’re “okay” with your job — still, try things! Of course, even more so if you’re unhappy! Look for something new until you’re 100% satisfied. This will allow you to find that thing you really love doing, and this will be your foundation for success.


No one can identify your passion for you — not your friends, not your parents, not even the personality tests online that millions of people claim to be accurate!


If you like it, do more of it. If it’s not working, don’t get discouraged. Adjust your path, take it as intel, and change direction. In this life, the philosophy of trying new things is super critical.


Accept that you will make mistakes, and know that it’s okay to fail; because that’s how you separate what is and what isn’t for you.


The way to find your purpose, is to actually imagine that you have $100M in your bank account. It means you could do whatever the fuck you want. What would you want to fill your hours, weeks, and life with?


This exercise is great because removing the money aspect will help de-cloud and declutter your purpose. If you don’t have a purpose, it’s because you haven’t tried enough things. If you don’t have a passion yet, and you’re feeling very unsure about your future because you don’t know what you love doing — you’ll be relieved to know that you actually can’t always expect that as a 20-something year old or a young person; you have to try things! 


If Messi had never gotten his hands on a football, he wouldn’t have ever tried playing. If Tiger Woods’ dad had never given him golf clubs and a ball, and taken him to the course as a young child; he most likely would never have discovered that passion. It’s just like food — you have to try things to find out what you like!


So, parents really have a duty to encourage and allow their kids to try a bunch of different things. Let them try as much as possible in order to figure out what they love doing! Joining the marching band, playing an instrument, partaking in different types of sports, cooking, drawing, painting — try everything with your kids! 


As a parent, you must allow your children to try as much as possible. But not because you want to live your dreams vicariously through your kids — which is the case for a lot of people: just because they love Manchester United and want their child to be the next Ronaldo, the force them to play football — be careful and aware to not do that.


But, in general, facilitate an environment that will allow your children to discover their passion. You can only do this effectively, but don’t just rely on your kids to find it for themselves. In most cases, they will not find it themselves. They might, if they’re lucky — but in most cases, it happens when parents help to expose their kids, and put them out there into the world — like taking them to certain sports or activities or signing them up for things at school.


Finding your passion also ties in with knowing yourself. You cannot be happy or find your passion if you do not know yourself — and the fact is that most people don’t know themselves! Sometimes when I ask people: “Hey, where do you wanna be in 5 years? What’s your dream life? What do you need to be loved? What are your top 3 emotional needs in ranked order?” — nobody knows! Most people look at me with a big question mark written over their face. It’s common in business to make these strategies and business plans; but then it turns out that not many people have control over this in their own lives!


There’s a reason why you need to create a vision. You need a vision for that company to exist. You need a mission for that company unit to have a purpose. It’s the exact same with people and life! You need a purpose. Whatever that purpose is — it needs to be yours!


The only way for you to create this vision and strategy is to have goals. If you consider your business — you might have 5 year goals, annual goals, quarterly goals, budgets, timelines, and a variety of different elements for the strategy in your business plan. You also have the money aspect of things clearly laid out. But then again, most people don’t even have a target for how to earn money in their life. They don’t have a target for how to become debt-free. They don’t know or understand money — they don’t have their own personal strategy in place. Most of it all comes down to the fact that they don’t know themselves. 


In my life, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and using exercises with a whiteboard and a line; where I put down what I loved doing in my life on the left, and I put what I hated in my life ranked by highest level of dislike on the right — and this is how I did things! I did more of what was on the left and less of what was on the right!


I’ll end this off by saying that when you’re learning something, you have to understand that the knowledge is based on you. You need to identify, and then create something. Instead of like in school, where people are saying you have to study X — now, you can actually pinpoint the courses that you’re passionate about. I’m a really big fan of this! Following your passion. Why? Because if you develop that passion, it’ll allow you to work so much harder! It’ll be like a lifestyle for you; it’ll feel more like a fun hobby. When you love something like a hobby, you’ll be working those 100 hours a week (maybe more) and you’ll love it! In general, you’ll just be happier. 😉

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