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Will Money Buy You Happiness? | The Power of Money in Solving Problems


So, the big question:

Will money buy you happiness?


Well, the answer:


No, it will not in itself!


But money sure does make it a hell of a lot easier! 


Viewing Money As A Tool

It gives you a tool set, right? It’s like playing a game of Candy Crush and you have a bunch of those lollipops; or you’re playing a game like Counter-Strike and you have enough armour – they’re all tools is what I’m trying to say here!


Money is a tool. And the more money you have, the more tools you have to utilise through life!


It’s The Freedom You Want, Not The Money Itself

If you want to travel somewhere – you can do that whenever you want. If you want to start your own business, do something you’re passionate about, and you have millions in your bank account – you have the freedom to do so, without having to work in a “9 to 5”.


You don’t have to work in a job you hate with a boss that you despise! And the freedom of being able to pursue what you love doing to be able to do what you wish in life. That money, as long as you have it, will give you the basis for happiness.


But in terms of money itself, the hard paper – it’s just paper! Either that, or a number in your bank account.


It’s A Balancing Act

So if you’re working yourself to death, 15 hours a day, and you’re not able to balance it with other important things in your life like family, learning and developing yourself, or taking care of your body – if I was a billionaire and I weighed 400kg and eating badly; the money would not outweigh my life! So there has to be this balance game going on.


But, yes – money will make life easier. Everybody knows that! The people who do not agree, and the people who are blaming money for all the evil of the earth or their own misery, are usually the people that are either jealous or that have no money at all!

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