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No Excuses | Part 1: The Reasons We make Excuses

When it comes to thinking of excuses, us humans can be immeasurably creative! No doubt we’ve all used them countless times to get ourselves out of situations that might seem difficult and unpleasant; or just anything that might me causing us fear and anxiety.


Sometimes we might use excuses simply because we don’t want to commit to something. Other times it might be as a result of our laziness and procrastination.


Your excuses might all be different, but they share one common characteristic — they should not be welcome in your life!


Although they might feel appropriate at certain points in your life, excuses are literally one of the worst things that you can do to yourself; which is precisely why they should be avoided at all costs.


Maybe you make excuses when it comes to eating healthier, exercising, or getting that job promotion. Maybe you make excuses to act like an a**hole to the people in your life.


Many people use their excuses as a way to rationalize their actions, even though they know deep down that they are “wrong”. In your attempt to try and convince other people of certain things that are not 100% true, you end up doing the same with yourself.


Realize that the more you make excuses, the harder it will actually be to execute and get anything done! Your excuses become your new reality; one where you are too afraid to try, or are simply too lazy to do something.


Now, here’s the thing; the excuses we use are not always something that we do intentionally. Sometimes they get the better of us while we are not even aware of the consequences!


It’s at this point when a line has been crossed. It’s time to make a change.


If you genuinely want to achieve authentic happiness in your life and feel good about yourself — you need to stop with the excuses and start taking action instead.


Of course, each and every one of us leads completely different lives and is faced with different challenges and situations throughout them; but here are some of the most common reasons behind our excuses:


  1. Fear & Your Comfort Zone


One of the most common reasons for constant excuse-making is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of exposing yourself and being vulnerable.


We’ve all been through it at some point or another. Whether intentional or not, when we’re afraid, we tend to make up excuses rather than acting on whatever it is that is causing us to feel that way.


When you are faced with the unknown in any given situation, and you feel anxious about it, it’s human nature to instinctively back off in order to feel comfortable once more.


But as you would have heard me say many times before, your comfort zone does not bring you any good! So make sure that when an opportunity is in front of you, you grab it before it’s too late!


If you never confront the things you’re afraid of, you will be stuck in your comfort zone for the rest of your life; missing out on so many beautiful things on your journey.


  1. Lack of Goals, Vision, A Plan, Passion & Motivation


What are your daily goals or your long-term aspirations?


Most people have at least one goal in their life. To get healthier. To level- up in their career. But then, there are some people who have no goals whatsoever! 


The thing that navigates you through life and helps you achieve things rather than just falling back on your excuses is a combination of motivation and determination.


Whenever you embark on something new, you need to have a clear goal and overarching vision.


Reaching that goal or vision needs to bring you some level of satisfaction. That’s one of the factors which will keep motivating you to keep pushing towards it. And, most likely, when you’re passionate about what you’re doing!


When you have those proper goals that you’re passionate about, the motivation you’re seeking will flow naturally! Without goals, passion, and motivation — the only things you’ll be stuck with is excuses; which will result in you not achieving anything meaningful in your life.


Bear in mind, though, that your goal and vision needs to be realistic, specific, and measurable. Just randomly having a goal without it being specific enough — or without having a plan on how you will follow through with it — is the same as not having one at all.


  1. Laziness & Procrastination


Procrastination and laziness are undoubtedly some of the biggest contributing factors to making excuses for not doing things.


I’m sure you’ll be able to recall a time when you’ve been in a situation where you simply just don’t want to do something. For example, you need to study for an exam; but instead, you lie in bed and binge-watch series on Netflix. You tell yourself that you’ll get to the task later, but that “later” is always somehow postponed whenever you contemplate getting that work done.


The more you procrastinate, the lower are your chances of getting work done on time. What’s more, is they generally come with the feeling of regret, panic, or self-pity, or self-loathing; none of which are healthy.


  1. Self-Doubt & Comparisons


When you need to complete a task in your life – be it big or small – it’s not uncommon to make yourself a “victim” of comparison.


Comparing ourselves to others can often just result in a shitty feeling that brings us down.


Many times, when people make up excuses, it’s because they want to avoid feeling underestimated or humiliated by other people.


This is obviously closely related with fear, but also it has a lot to do with self-doubt.


If you want to grow, change your bad habits, and become a better person, you need to learn to fully accept and embrace yourself; being comfortable with whatever you do. This way, no matter how much people might compare you to others, you will always remain your confident, authentic self; and lose the excuses for not doing the things you love!

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