One Of My Secrets To Success: Believe In Yourself


One of my secrets, that has made me successful; that has helped me accomplish goals that people around me have said: “Hey, Sigurd – that is impossible! Nobody has done that before that way!” or “This is not how people do it!” –

Well, one of the ways that I have managed to do and build the things I have done is because: 


I really believe everything is possible!

I really believe that I can do anything that any other human being is doing. I just need the skill set, and I need the time and the recipe on how to accomplish that.

I really believe I can learn anything that any other person has learned. It’s just a matter of reading the same material, earning from the same sources, and modeling that knowledge!

And, at the same time, I have news for you –


I really believe that YOU can learn anything you want to learn!

I mean, you’re a human being. Everybody else is a human being. We are not born, finished out of the box. We are not born with all this knowledge that we require to become successful. Yes, some people might have a talent in something; but usually that talent comes from having an interest and passion. It doesn’t come from simply being born with that talent.

And yes, of course if you are 2 meters tall, you have a better chance of becoming a star basketball player than someone much shorter, right? So yes, there are some basic requirements for certain skill sets or certain occupations. But in general, guys – anybody, including you, can learn anything anybody else has learned! You can achieve anything that anybody else has achieved. You just need to remove that barrier. 

And I’m gonna tell you one trick – just one! I won’t confuse you with 3 or with 10 or 15… Please just remember one. One single tip on how this can be achieved easier, and that is:


Break that big goal down to something small!

Really, I see it time after time – people want to do everything at once. They’re seeing this big house or this big mountain they need to build or create; rather than seeing that mountain or that house as the bricks, and the doors, and small pieces that need to be put in place in the end. And the truth is that’s how you build a house! You start by digging a hole for the basement, then you start building the ground floor. You don’t do everything in one single goal.

So it’s the same thing with goals. If you want to create an e-commerce website, you start by saying: “Tomorrow I’m gonna learn this skill, or I’m going to try to understand how to do that, or practice that skill…” And then you’ve done that! No, it hasn’t built you the house, but it’s one of the pieces. It’s one of the bricks in the house.


Build Confidence & Belief Along The Way

So what you need to do is break every big goal into something small. Why? Because if you accomplish one small goal every single day, you’re taking one step every single day towards that big-big end goal. And not only that, what happens along the way by successfully achieving those small goals – in most of the cases, at least – you build confidence and belief in yourself; which is the number one requirement for success!


Write It On Paper

Nobody has ever become successful without believing. So, really – break those big goals (whatever they are), down into small steps. And the most effective way for doing that, is to put things on paper.

Create your own book, similar to a journal – and start writing down these top, top goals; these big, big goals; and then start breaking them down into these smaller goals. And then what you do with these smaller goals is you place them on a timeline – maybe over the next 30 days, the next 90 days, or the next 12 months – you place one or two of these smaller goals every week or every month, depending on their size and their difficulty.

But that’s really how you create a plan – is on paper! By breaking that big, big goal of what you want to accomplish, into smaller goals which will be achievable for you.

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