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7 Red Alerts That Could Cost You When Hiring A Social Media Agency


Social media marketing these days has become an absolute necessity for all businesses.

No matter how many companies become active on social – and no matter how many tools are employed to help make the process smoother – it can still become a tedious and time consuming task when you’re simultaneously running a business. It’s for this very reason that so many entrepreneurs have turned to social media agencies to handle the posting and monitoring across their social media channels.


The tricky thing is, though: not all social media agencies are created equal! As a matter of fact, many of them are run by inexperienced people who are looking to make some quick cash, or even pure con-artists – while others are completely honest, qualified and 100% worth your money. 


Here’s the truth on which “red flags” to look out for if you’re planning on hiring a social media agency.


1. Their testimonials are faceless, or they have none at all

Wanna hear something shockingly scary? Numerous marketing agencies out there actually create fake testimonials and post them on their websites! Some are from clients that they’ve never even had, while others are overly-exaggerated testimonials where words may have been tweaked to make the agency look better than they are in reality. 

If you’re on the hunt for a social media agency, make sure that you look thoroughly through their testimonials  –  checking that they actually have a face to them. You should also Google to see if the client’s business exists in real life – just to make sure you aren’t being scammed.


2. They have zero case studies

Case studies are one of the most important things a social media agency can have on their website. Ultimately, an agency is only as good as the results they consistently deliver for their clients. Truth. Before you reach out and talk with an agency about a potential partnership, sift through their case studies to see how impressive their work history really is.


3. They haven’t cracked the code themselves

Let’s say a copywriting agency you’re thinking about hiring has countless spelling and grammar errors on their website – would you be persuaded to hire them? Didn’t think so. Think about it the same way when it comes to social media agencies. If their company profile has pixelated profile pics, typos in their bio, or uninspiring content, you should think again before partnering with them. “Walking the walk” is vital in the world of marketing.


4. They’ve only been in business for a minimal amount of time

Business ain’t an easy game, and those who have been able to successfully ride through it long enough to make real profit and stay up and running deserve some credit. Each company has to start somewhere, so you shouldn’t 100%  disregard potential agency candidates just because they’re newbies – but you’ll definitely be taking far less risk if you partner with an industry veteran over an industry rookie. So just use your initiative and choose wisely.


5. They’re a “Jack-of-All-Trades” kinda agency

Unless you’re hiring a large scale, well-established agency, stay away from agencies claiming that they’re experts in everything. There honestly aren’t enough hours in the day to become a specialist in every little marketing niche. Many who claim to be experts in everything often turn out to be just mediocre at a lot of things…

So if you’re looking specifically for Instagram marketing, for example – look for agencies that have brilliant case studies centered around producing results for their clients on Instagram.


6. They’re scarily cheap

There’s a reason why shirts from Givenchy aren’t the same price as those from Tesco. In the majority of cases, price reflects quality. If you’re a cheapskate looking to score a big deal on an agency; don’t be surprised if the results are shit. Why? Because cheap agencies are either inexperienced or are cutting you a quick deal; which means they won’t be giving you the same kind of attention they’re giving clients who are paying full price.


7. They bend over backwards at your beck and call

If an agency will bend over backwards for you too keenly, it probably means that they’re desperate for clients  –  which clearly isn’t a great sign of them being able to produce high-quality work. There’s a difference between being accommodating and being a pushover, and being a business pushover is often a sign of a general lack of confidence in their product or service.

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