Sigurd Vedal’s 3 Core Pillars of Ultimate Happiness

Can Money Create Happiness?


Rich people care about money; it’s an asset of great importance to them. In the world as we know it, we’re told that we need money in order to be secure and financially free for the rest of our lives; factoring in things like our kids, potential litigation costs, our health, and our pensions. 


The majority of people are chasing money. They believe that it’s the money they want. That this money will somehow magically make them happy.


We see “money flashing” all over social media. Movies and magazines bombard us with money. Reality shows give us direct insight into the money-fuelled lifestyles of the top 2%. Everywhere we turn, we’re made to feel more envious than ever. 


But would we really be the happiest people in the world if we had unlimited money at our disposal?


The fact is: money is just paper. But, it is also a tool to assist you in living the life of your dreams! It can give you total freedom. If you had $50 million in your bank account, what would the rest of your month be looking like?


People think that they want money; but in actual fact, they want the kind of life, things, and experiences that money can give them.


Many people (consciously or unconsciously) get sucked into buying more “stuff” to impress other people; but this kind of mentality will only keep you poor and unhappy in the long run. The lower your self-esteem is, the more you care about other people’s opinions of you.


Some of the wealthiest people in the world like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and many others do not care about Gucci, fancy sports cars, or other materialistic things. In fact, the truly rich people do not act “rich”. They don’t leave money on the table. They know that they need money in order to multiply money. They see all costs as investments that will render a return.


So, yes, by all means, use money as a tool to make your life more enjoyable, more comfortable, and less stressful; but remember that real happiness is generated from within! It all has to do with your mind, your attitude, and your mission in life.


In my world, there are Three Pillars of Happiness which need to be fulfilled in order for someone to be truly “happy”. They are:


  1. Health


This should be number one on your priority list. You need to make sure that your body is under control, and it involves so much more than just going to the gym! There’s also your diet to think about. In general, Western cultures view food as pleasure, while Eastern cultures see it more as nutrition and body juice; fuel and medicine. They treat food in a totally different way. They eat food not just because it’s tasty, but because of the ingredients you’re putting into your body; the antioxidants.


Cancer is quadrupling in the Western world as a result of the meat and dairy industry — it’s all in the food! To make matters worse, the whole medical industry is focused on symptom relief, rather than prevention and addressing fixing the root problem. How much are these health problems — like obesity — costing society, compared to providing people with a proper health education? Why do people get unhealthily overweight in the first place? 


Our culture tends to underplay the profound effect that what you eat has on health and productivity. But this isn’t something lost on health authorities. The World Health Organization, for instance, published work indicating that eating a balanced diet raises productivity levels by around 20 percent — the equivalent of an extra day every week in the office. 


The type of food you eat can also impact your mood. Researchers reporting in the British Journal Of Health Psychology found evidence that eating more than seven portions of fruit and vegetables per day significantly improved participants’s moods and readied them better for the challenges of life. 


And then, of course, falling under the health category is also the mental aspect of things. The benefits of meditation are far-reaching to cultivating a happy and fulfilled life. I meditate daily as a part of my powerful morning routine! There are a number of highly successful CEOs and celebrities who swear by meditation.


Being Mindful Reduces Stress and Improves Decision-Making


Entrepreneurs often try to automate their personal lives so that they can dedicate their energies to their work. Taking this approach too far, however, can lead to undesirable unintended consequences, including a loss of focus, high stress levels and poor decision making. 


Daily mindfulness, something practiced by everyone from Steve Jobs to Richard Branson, can help. A study from the University of California found that just two weeks of mindfulness training could boost focus dramatically. Another study from the University of Pennsylvania found that meditative practices reduced susceptibility to the “sunk cost fallacy” and helped foster clearer decision-making. And finally, research out of Johns Hopkins indicates that those who practice mindfulness experience a moderate but noticeable reduction in overall stress level. 


  1. Wealth


When I list this here, I mean wealth not only in terms of money, but with regards to anything else that aids in enriching your life on some level. For example, finding your passion in life, acquiring new skills and knowledge, believing in yourself, working hard, and creating other daily millionaire habits.


  1. Love


Every single individual out there has a unique set of emotional needs. For example, sexual fulfilment – for men – is often a critical need; while other emotional needs often rank higher when it comes to women. Whatever your crucial emotional needs are, you need to have mapped them out in order for your partner to fulfill them! If you don’t even know what you need to be loved, then how do you expect your partner or anyone else to make you happy?


What’s crazy to me is that most people don’t even measure their happiness level! This is something that I do every single quarter. I reflect on my happiness level and ask myself: “How is my life feeling right now? On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy am I? If I could take my magic wand and change something, what would that be?”


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