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The Simplicity Of Success | How ANYONE Can Become A Master In Today’s Media Revolution


“I find it extremely important for a CEO to really understand a little bit about how the platform works.”


What fascinates me with Facebook is the simplicity of it. I’m meeting people everyday, and what I’m working a lot with is– yes, find a media buying agency because CEOs and owners cannot do everything themselves, right? But I find it extremely important for a CEO to really understand a little bit about how the platform works.


If you look at Facebook, with the new app, you have full access to all of the campaigns. You can basically run your own video, in your own words as a CEO, explaining what you’re doing, telling the stories, upload it, and the targeting – the simplicity of the targeting – fascinates me!


It’s Simpler Than You Think

And I’m seeing this mental block from so many people I meet around me in the different countries I travel to when I do my public speaking. They come up to me and ask: “Hey, how do you do that?!” — they’re scared of taking the belief that they can actually accomplish running these campaigns. They’re thinking: “Oh, how can I afford a PPC AdWords manager?” — and you have these “certifications”, right? There’s “certified adverts manager”, you have “Facebook certified partner” — there are all these fancy titles that make it look more complex and sophisticated than it really is!


And again, I’m an agency — so I earn money on helping clients, right? So I want clients! But at the same time, I also want people to understand that they can get campaigns live by themselves, and with very simple resources!


“You don’t need a huge budget and a lot of money to get a pretty decent reach on Facebook and Instagram! But you do need a basic understanding of how the different apps work.”


I find it fascinating that if you had to compare that to how things were 10 years ago — where you had to make a marketing mix, you had to go to an agency, you had to make a storyboard for a TV ad etc. It’s personalised marketing that people are doing now, right? Look at Tai Lopez or Grant Cardone for example — they’re literally sitting in their bed recruiting people, right? Making a recruitment ad. And they get thousands and thousands of people responding!


You Need To Share What You’re Doing

In my view (and this is also what I’m teaching my sons), in marketing, what you’re doing– even if you’re working in customer service or you’re working as an accountant, you need to be using social media and understand that you need to share with people what you are doing!


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