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Single? Don’t Do this One Thing | Top Relationship & Marriage Advice


Are you single and you’re out there in the dating game, looking for that special one, trying to find your soulmate, the love of your life?


Well, whatever you do, there’s one thing that I would like you not to do. This one thing I would like you to not do is: 


Don’t Be Boring. 


I’ve been on so many dates, and I know that the other person is excited; I’m excited. 


But then we sit there, and there’s really no energy. The connection is not there. So if you think about what generates a connection between two people – either it’s friendship or a colleague, it’s conversation – it’s connection!


You Have To Be Willing To Give

And you can not build a connection without giving. Without showing warmth. Without showing interest. Without showing energy and attraction towards the other person. So don’t hold back. I know you might be shy. You might be worried that this person may not like you –


But you need to dare to open up. Because the name of the game is to show energy towards the other person. To show interest to the other person. Ask the other person questions. This will be interpreted by them as “Hey, she or he is really cool, she likes me. There might be something here, something worthwhile”.


So, the main takeaway: 

Don’t be boring, show warmth, show interest, and show admiration.


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