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The #1 Success Secret to Get Rich | Knowledge Is Your Best Millionaire Investment


Did you know that a lot of today’s successful millionaires and billionaires have not accomplished what they have accomplished because of university or because of school?


Did you know that I have not accomplished what I have accomplished (becoming a multi- millionaire and living the life that many people dream of) because of the things I learned at school or in university?


Model The People Who Inspire You

On the contrary, things that I learned by modeling successful people, mentors, and amazing people within their fields through my journey, or through my career path, have had a remarkable impact on my knowledge!


Focus Your Study Vision

And I would also say there are many books that I’ve learned from – not a curriculum at university where you’re following a specific program!


The way I did it, was I narrowed out the knowledge in certain fields. I zoomed in on those sections, those courses, and those skills that I really wanted to master. That I believed were required for me to become successful. And those are the only ones I put my time and effort on learning!


Work Smart, Not Hard

I didn’t learn broad. I learned effectively. I wanted to find out, continuously: “How can I obtain that knowledge from a book or from a course consuming the minimum amount of time?”


It means the quicker I can grasp the essentials out of a book, or the quicker I can grasp the essentials out of a course – the more time I have to learn a second piece of knowledge, or a third skill set, or a fourth practical exercise that will take me closer to the goal!


So don’t waste your time, even on the learning side. There is so much knowledge that you can obtain yourself – through books (you should read every day), through the internet (you should Google and use YouTube everyday). In fact, YouTube is an amazing source for knowledge – you can learn anything on there!


Check Numerous Sources

But –

Since a lot of this content is made by private people, there is no credibility verification of the knowledge. So you have to use your own judgment to a certain extent, and be somewhat sceptical towards it. Watch several videos for each type of skill you are Googling, or each type of skill you are watching videos on, and summarize that knowledge. 


Knowledge = Success

Warren Buffett – one of the world’s most successful investors; one of the richest men in the world – reads six hours a day! He says knowledge is the main reasons for his success – and he is not alone! Most millionaires (including myself) would say that the reading I have done, the research I have done, the YouTube watching I have done, the podcast listening, I have done – is the main reason (and the main amount of knowledge I have accumulated during my career) that has made me successful!


Plan Your Study Time

And the way to do that is quite simple… You have to time block in your calendar, every single week, preferably every single day – time, without distractions. Your alone time to learn. You have to time block and reserve that time – either it’s early in the morning before everybody gets up, or it’s late at night after everybody has gone to bed if you have children, for example. 


“But really make sure to allocate at least one hour every day – every single day – to learn something new!”


And make a list of what would you love to learn. Make a list of what knowledge you think is required for you to reach that vision you’re dreaming of. And then you start your journey!


In one week, with one hour a day, you would have accumulated seven hours of new knowledge. In a month, you’ve accumulated 30 to 31 hours of knowledge. In a year, 365 days of knowledge… That’s a lot of knowledge!


“And it’s the knowledge that will be the basis for your skills.”


Because the theory of certain knowledge is the first step. Then comes the practical experience – the practical skill set of executing that knowledge.


But really –

Knowledge is a secret hack in life. It’s a secret hack to success. It’s one of the best investments you can make – in yourself!


Read, learn – every single day!

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