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The #1 Thing You Need To Master To Be A Winner!

If you want to become a millionaire, or if you want to become the best in your field, there is nobody in this world (who has become successful), that has not mastered this one thing…

I’m gonna tell you one really important thing that you need to have, that every successful person has had along the way; and that thing is:



You, as an individual, have the capability to accomplish that vision, or that goal, that you’ve set in front of you. The thing that you’ve defined as your purpose. 

If you don’t have that belief in yourself – not belief in the skills, because you might not know what you need to know at this time to get where you want to go –

But you need to have the belief in yourself, as a human being, that you will be able to gain that knowledge. The belief that you will be able to tackle those problems that are thrown at you during that difficult climb. 


Have Faith That You Can Learn Anything

So belief is really the key. If you’re thinking: “Oh shit, I don’t think I’m good at this…  I think that person is much better…” or you’re browsing through your social media and you’re saying: “Oh, wow, that person is so amazing! How could I ever do that? I’ve never done this before…” 

If you’re not controlling this inner dialogue with yourself; if you’re not noticing when your negative inner voice – the pessimist, the one questioning your goals, the one questioning whether or not you’re good enough – 

If you’re not noticing when that is overriding your positive voice that is trying to tell you: “Hey, I can do this, even though I haven’t done it before. I’ve done similar difficult things before, and I’ve succeeded in them!” 

The voice that says: “Hey, I just need to try! I just need to work hard, and eventually,I will accomplish what I need!” 

So yes, I must admit, I have even had many doubts. Through the storms – from having nothing, or just being an employee with a normal paycheck eight years ago, to having multimillion dollar successful businesses around the world – along this way, it’s been a battle. 


You Can Be Your Biggest Supporter Or Your Own Worst Enemy

And the biggest battle I can tell you being honest, is with myself. It’s with my own emotions. It’s with my own dialogue. My own belief of, “Can I really do this? Is this really worth it?” So this is really the control – the mind game. This is what you need to really have a strong focus on. 

The way to do that – one secret that I’ve developed – is you need to structure it on paper. You can’t just go around thinking these things in your mind; having ideas and doing things a little bit ad hoc. No business has been built just by the thoughts of people going around… No, there have been strategies. They have been defining a vision. They have been defining a mission. They have been creating goals and evaluation cycles. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly – to make sure that they’re on track.


Put It On Paper

So in terms of your process of climbing that success ladder in the game of getting where you want to be, you need to do the same thing. Write down all the things that are amazing about you. Write down everything that you want to achieve in your future life.  What’s that vision? How is that movie playing out, 5 or 10 years from now? How is your actual week in your life, and who are you surrounded with?

Have that clear picture; because having that clear picture in the future will help you define the goals. It’ll help you get clarity; a clear path on where you want to go.

But mark my words: 

The paper will structure things for you. The paper will allow you to revisit, re-evaluate and re-focus on the things that you’ve written down. 


Look At The Positives

Because the funny thing is, as human beings, our mind is so amazing at focusing on our negatives. We are so amazing at looking at what we don’t have, rather than looking at what we have. We are so amazing at looking at what we’re not good at, rather than remembering the things that we are amazing at, the things that make us unique.

So it’s not about us being bad, or wrong, or unsuccessful, or successful; a lot of the game

Is having a focus and an awareness. A repeated awareness every morning, by reviewing what you have to be thankful for; by reviewing your amazing qualities, reviewing your vision, and reviewing your goals.

If you do that every single day and maintain that structured focus on where you want to go, and you’re able to control your inner voice battle – the negative versus the positive – you will increase your chances of success. Because the number one reason why people do not reach their goals is, at least the ones who start trying, that they give up.


Keep Focused On The End Result

And yes, many blame the other external factors for why they didn’t succeed. But the truth is their negative voice defeated their positive voice. They were the ones that stopped themselves. Don’t fall into that trap. I want you to succeed! And the only way you will fail is if you stop yourself! The only way you will succeed is if you keep that belief, keep that focus on the end result. And just keep going – through failure, through problems. You will, after a week, get seven steps closer!


But you need to control your inner game. Your mind game.

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