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The Recipe for Happiness: Practical Success & Inner Fulfilment


Do you believe that becoming rich will make you happy? Do you believe that simply by having millions in your bank account, a sports car in your garage, or a private jet to fly you all around the world, you’ll really have an amazing and happy life?

In my opinion: You’d be wrong… And I’m gonna tell you why.

I believe there are TWO SECRETS to happiness, and they need to work in harmony with one another.

Have you ever wondered why some people, who seem to have it all, suffer from depression and – in some extreme cases – take their own lives? Examples like Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, and the talented Kurt Cobain…

Well, the answer is simple:

They’re struggling. 

Regardless of how much money they have, regardless of how much fame they have, and regardless of the freedom to do exactly what they want at any time, in any way, and with any person – they’re still struggling in finding their true happiness!

The Inner Mind Game

In my view, the main component is the INTERNAL BATTLE.

It’s the way you’re balancing your inner voice, your mind and your perception of life; with the problems you’re experiencing in the world around you.

The SKILL you have in tackling those issues, ultimately defines whether you’re happy or not. 

The truth is:

EVERY ONE has his or her own “shit” to deal with in life.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you see people who have gone through REALLY tough times, and they still radiate hope and positivity…

Whatever it is – maybe it’s the death of a child, maybe it’s a terminal illness, or maybe they’ve lost their company to bankruptcy –

They still have that glow, that sense of positivity driving them forward – and they spread this to the world around them.

And no – I’m not saying that anyone’s suffering should be compared on different degrees, because it’s all so personal. And again, this boils down to their inner voice…

But these are the people who have really cracked the code! I mean, their own code; inside their minds and their hearts; on how they have to think, and what they need to do to stay happy.

So now that we’ve established this, let’s backtrack slightly.

This INTERNAL MINDGAME is just ONE of the secrets to your ultimate success and happiness.

The Practical “Recipe”

Then of course, there’s the initial “recipe”; that number one, PRACTICAL formula, on how to achieve success.

Every challenge you go through in life – whether you’re an athlete attempting to win a gold medal, or you’re looking for a promotion in the company you’re working for – each challenge requires certain steps – or ingredients. 

And if you look at most of the successful people around us in this world, they really do have some common steps, common beliefs, common habits, and a common mindset. 

It’s not random! They’re all following a recipe.

And in order to become successful, you really need to study those people that already are successful. Look into that specific field – see exactly what they’re doing, what habits they develop, and how they’re working. 

These are things you can CONCRETELY STUDY. In other words, there are steps you can take to become successful – and ultimately, a millionaire. 

And once you’ve become successful, once you’ve become that millionaire, and once the world is at your feet –

This is when that INTERNAL MINDGAME secret – which I spoke about earlier – comes into play!

It’s the art of fulfillment. It’s the game inside your head that actually controls this success!

It involves being able to keep your emotions in check, and being able to keep your positivity levels high.

It’s about controlling your inner voice, and not letting the negative voice override the positive one.

It’s about believing in yourself, having a future purpose, and being conscious about your feelings of gratitude. 

This is what differentiates the “surface happiness” – where from the outside, and to other people, you may look like you have it all – to the TRUE HAPPINESS.

So, to wrap up – The TWO STEPS, that I believe are the keys to happiness for every human being on this planet are: 

Number ONE

The concrete and practical recipe to becoming successful; the skills, the learning, and the knowledge-gaining – essentially the “easier” part.

And number TWO:

The art of fulfillment. Your mind game, your emotional control, your perceptions and reactions to problems occurring in your life, and the way in which you internally tackle them.

Remember that YOU are the only one who can control that part. Other people can teach you the steps on the road to success, which is what my main goal is, but only YOU can truly master your inner peace, your inner balance, and your inner happiness.

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